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We were told that our cat had crystals and that he must have prescription food. Knowing how expensive that would be and harder to get, I. Asked my vet if there was an over the counter food that might help him rather than the prescription food. She did some research for us and gave us 4 choices. The first choice he got really sick on. It didn't agree with his stomach. The purina one smartblend pate (no gravy and more protein and less fat) has worked great. We are very pleased with the outcome and our cat loves eating it. Now we can purchase it at many stores and not have to deal with the prescriptions. Our cat is much healthier on this food. Purina One Smartblend Cat Food Premium Salmon Tuna FlavorDeals And Reviews For Purina One Smartblend Cat Food Indoor AtPurina One Smartblend Dry Cat Food Healthy Kitten Formula 16
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