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My cats only enjoy the salmon and tuna flavored food from Purina One. They are both over 10 years old, with one being 23 and the other being 13. But they dislike any food that's not seafood oriented and won't eat the senior maturity food cause it's chicken. I'd love to see some Seafood flavored maturity food.
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I called Purina, sent them all Shylo's paperwork. Purina reimbursed me the vet bill by check (Admission of guilt). Then relapsed. And on July 11, 2015 my beautiful sweet boy died under my bed! Purina told me "We will pay for his cremation" when I sign their release form. I refuse to sign any release form. Purina wants me to keep my mouth shut! I cannot keep my mouth shut. Innocent cats are dying because of their food! I do not want any more cats to die from Purina's poisonous food! I do not want one more innocent cat to suffer like my boy did! This Thursday Sept. 3, 2015 I am picking up Shylo's urn! Purina must be stopped! Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior Formula Dry Cat Food | Pet 360Buy Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior Formula Dry Cat Food for only $17.98 at Pet 360, Pet 360Purina One Senior Cat Food - YouTube
Purina Pro Plan is one of the most wholesome wet cat food on the market. It has an outstanding taste to help your feline to excel in all aspects of his/her life. The natural recipes and essential nutrients fuel your pet’s reflexes while giving it incredible agility and intense focus. Purina Pro Plan comprises real chicken, crude protein, fiber, and fat. It is specially formulated to support your cat’s urinary tract, digestive, coat and immune system. In other words, this wet cat food seeks to help your cat remain extraordinary.Ideal for cats over one year old, this meal is a fusion fresh fruits, vegetables, and premium meat. It provides a tasty way to increase your purr’s moisture intake. The Wellness Complete Wet Pate has some of the finest ingredients you’ll ever find in any cat food. It will improve your pet’s eye, gum, digestive and oral heath when given on a regular basis. Buyers say the taste is tolerable and results are visible within weeks. Nielsen and GFK rate it as the best wet cat food you can get on the market.I have 7 cats, 2 have sensitive stomachs, so I tried the pro plan sensitive stomach formula. All 7 cats threw it up, they couldn't even digest this food. It came back out the same as it went in. Didn't even look like it had been eaten. Hello Purina, it's sensitive stomach formula... Get my drift?? I will never feed your crappie food to my animals again. I have a pet parent. I trained their dog. He works at the Purina plant here in Denver, he warned me to not feed Purina. The guy works there!!! I'm happy he was honest with me. Purina is a disgrace to our pets!!