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Another Purina dry cat food limited recall. This time it is Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity 7+ from a December 2010 batch, some of which has been found to be contaminated with salmonella. PURINA CAT FOOD DRY - shop buchanan cellersPurina Cat Chow Naturals Dry Cat FoodTrue Nature Adult Grain Free Formula - Chicken and Egg Recipe dry cat food from Purina® Pro Plan® is fine-tuned nutrition to feed your cat's natural instincts.
I haven't had any problems with their food, in fact when I first brought my cats into the vets when they were neutered and got their shots at 5-6 months he asked what I was feeding them and I said Friskies and Purina, he said "good"...but reading these comments I am worried. The oldest cat Petey 2 1/2 years old is very picky and will maybe vomit once every 2-3 weeks, but it is usually after he eats too much. He is nicely trim, not fat or even a little chubby, they are both indoor cats and rescued from the streets as tiny kittens. The youngest Leo 1 1/2 years old loves the dry food and honestly isn't as picky as Petey, and never vomits.Until this product sickened my kitty, I was a very pleased Purina Pro user. But this last batch of dry cat food sickened my cat and my mother's cat. The beef flavored classic ground wet food also sickened them. They got violently ill less than 3x feet from the cat food bowl. The Lamb and Rice kicked it off and was way worse, lasting a few days with fever and gaggy hacks, but they still vomited with the Savory and Beef+Chicken. I also fed my kitty the Purina Natural Ocean Whitefish & Salmon Classic Ground which didn't make them sick. This was over a period of a week and the second cat sickening that we realized it was the food. Our primary go-to for food is the wet food so the second cat didn't get sick until mom was too busy to get him his food before he relented and ate the "emergency rations" dry food. 3x feet later projectile vomiting like the first cat. Thankfully he is younger and/or did not get as big a dose as my poor older kitty the first day.I have tried other brands like Iam's but my cats wouldn't eat it. I do mix up the dry food, I buy the 3.5oz bags of Friskies or Purina and mix different bags of flavours into a large plastic container and then mix it, so the cats are always getting a variety of flavours each time they eat. I work all day and with no one home I always have their dry food bowl filled and is usually needing more every 2 days, so they aren't over eating. I give them a spoonful of can Friskies every morning and every evening, they do not like the Purina can... they don't like most other can foods either like Sheba or Fancy Feast. Any info on the best foods that aren't so expensive would be helpful.I regularly feed my cats a small amount daily of Purina Pro Plan Savor Chicken and Rice dry food and they are fine. This week my cats became sick, but I am not sure it was from the Pro Plan as they eat many Fancy feast canned cat food varieties. I found this site and saw the various posts that are current and about Pro Plan. My cats have vomited and refused to eat for a day. My elderly 16 year old cat is sicker and not recovering.