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We have two cats that we cook food for. It's not 100% raw but it's boiled in a bag at 170 degrees for about an hour and then pureed with an immersion blender. It's mainly chicken thighs with chicken hearts and livers as well as bone meal for calcium. They love it, and our vet says they're the healthiest cats she's seen. Our German Shepherd loves it too, so we actually mix some of the cat food up with her Taste of the Wild kibble so everyone's happy!
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The cat food slurry sounds like a good idea at first, especially if you're on a prescription diet. The idea is to puree the cat food in a blender with enough low-salt chicken broth to make it a good consistency for the syringe. Well, lotsa luck. Somehow the food will still have a lump to clog the syringe and cause your meowmie to cry and tear her fur out, if she had any.Paté – The true definition for paté as it refers to food is, “a spread of finely chopped or pureed seasoned meat”. In terms of cat food, a pate is typically a pureed food that is packed into cans and it is a little bit more solid and compact than flaked or shredded foods as well as foods in gravy or broth.Another thing; if a cat is taking antibiotics, they can kill off the good bacteria in her gut as well as the bad. It's a good idea to avoid this by giving her a teaspoon or two of plain yogurt every day, Nothing purple with berries or yellow with lemon, please. Plain unflavored is best. Another way to get those good cultures is to add acidolphilus powder to the food. You know, that food you're not eating. That food they hid the medicine in and thought you wouldn't notice. I'd go with the yogurt, unless you know you're allergic to milk products, as some cats are. Some meowmies could add the yogurt right in your slurry. Mine wouldn't dare.Hi, I have an overweight cat who I also give Purina One for UTI, is this home made recipe good for both? And I have another dumb question for you, what about parasites in raw food or raw eggs? Just curious, thanks for your help.While Ziwipeak may be best known for its air-dried pet foods, they also offer an assortment of wet cat food products. There are five different flavor options to choose from and they are all made from 100% fresh, all-natural, raw meat with natural moisture. The five flavor options are as follows: Beef, Lamb, Rabbit and Lamb, Venison, and Venison and Fish. Ziwipeak canned foods are retort-cooked to preserve the nutritional integrity of the natural ingredients and each recipe contains at least 66% raw meat. These products are available in 3-ounce or 6-ounce cans that can be purchased in specialty pet shops as well as some larger pet store chains and a variety of online retailers.So after realizing that Liz probably wasn’t getting a whole lot of health-promoting benefits from her food, I began experimenting with raw, homemade cat food. Admittedly, I was a little reluctant to do the whole homemade pet food thing, and there were some rough patches of trial and error while I was getting the recipe just right so that Liz would be excited about eating it. Right now, half of her diet is homemade raw food, and half is kibbles-from-a-bag (we usually feed , purchased at the local health food store). Even with just half of her diet being the homemade food, we have seen definite improvements in her energy level (she is 9 years old, but has gotten that kitten energy and playfulness back), and her coat is also more lustrous. Now that I’ve finally gotten her “custom recipe” ironed out, I would like to ease her into eating a 100% homemade-food diet.