Pure Vita Grain Free Turkey Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food

PureVita Grain Free Beef Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food Ingredients
While I had heard of a brand of holistic pet food called Pure Vita, a company that makes canned and dry dog and cat foods, I had never tried it before.
PureVita Grain Free Beef Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food Guaranteed Analysis
PureVita Grain Free Beef Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food is a single protein wet food that is also 100% grain free! This formula is complete and balances and appropriate for all life stages. All PureVita formulas are made with natural, holistic ingredients that will keep your pets happy and healthy! I bought 1 can of Pure Vita Grain - Free canned cat food today!Pure Vita Grain Free Turkey Stew Canned Cat FoodPure Vita Grain Free Turkey Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food
Feeding your cat the good stuff at mealtime should be a top priority. That's why there's Pure Vita Grain Free Turkey Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food! This delicious meal ensures that you're feeding your cat all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that he needs to be healthy, strong and active! Packed with a turkey stew dinner that's so good, your cat will think he's eating from your plate! Pure Vita Grain Free Turkey Stew Dinner Canned Cat Food is formulated with a single source protein and a smorgasbord of wholesome fruits and vegetables---things that your feline pal can only benefit from! So go ahead and dish out some goodness!PureVita’s canned foods include: Turkey Stew Dinner, Beef Stew Dinner, and Chicken Stew Dinner. These dinners are AAFCO-approved for all life stages. They contain 78 percent moisture, 9 percent crude protein, 6 percent crude fat, and 1.5 percent crude fiber. Most of the ingredients for the canned foods are similar – added vitamins and chelated minerals with guar gum (thickener/stabilizer for the food), tomato paste, pea flour, potato starch, and flax seed oil. The only ingredients that really vary among the canned foods are the first couple of ingredients – the meat protein and broth. Turkey stew has turkey and turkey broth; beef stew has beef and beef broth; chicken stew has chicken and chicken broth. That said, these look like very nice canned foods that most cats would enjoy. We ran the DMB figures for one of the foods (doesn’t matter which one since they all have the same figures) and came up with the food containing about 40 percent protein, 27.3 percent fat, 6.8 percent fiber, and 11.4 percent carbohydrates. So, the carbs are a little high for a canned food, but those figures are still not bad and we think most of the ingredients look okay, if a little starchy.These grain free dry cat foods do have meat protein in the first couple of ingredients which is always good to see. Using the Grain Free Duck & Red Lentils as an example, the first five ingredients in the food are: duck, duck meal, red lentils, garbanzo beans, and green lentils. We do not have a problem with duck meal or other named animal protein meals. We consider them to be concentrated sources of animal protein that have had most of the moisture removed. Most of the good quality dog and cat foods made today use named meat meals. The food also has some vegetables and fruits in it – carrots, cranberries, apricots, cherries, etc. But, frankly, these ingredients are so far down the list we think they are probably present in minute amounts. We like the chelated minerals that help cats absorb them better; and we like the fermentation products which aid digestion – especially important with foods that contain a lot of peas and lentils. This food is AAFCO-approved for all life stages. It has crude protein (min) 34 percent; crude fat (min) 14 percent; crude fiber (max) 6 percent; moisture (max) 10 percent. You can see the rest of the guaranteed analysis and the nutrient profile for the food on the PureVita site. The food has approximately 440 calories per cup.For the most part we like PureVita’s foods. We can nitpick and say we don’t like all the peas and lentils in the dry foods; and we think the canned foods have more starch than necessary. But, overall, we think these foods do have good ingredients and they are healthy and safe for your cat to eat.