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Our new German Sheperd puppy meets our cats, Eloise and Frenchfry, for the first time
Before the actual introduction, let the pets sniff each other's belongings, such as beds. When it comes time to make a formal introduction, put your puppy's harness and leash on so you have some control. Make the introduction in an area that provides ample opportunities for Kitty to get out of the way, either by leaving the room or jumping onto a high shelf. It's the rare first meeting of puppy and cat that goes swimmingly, so don't be upset if Kitty growls, hisses and runs off. Puppy is probably very excited, but keep him as calm as possible and let him know with a strong verbal correction that chasing cats is a bad idea. Confine the puppy to a crate or specific area of the house so that the cat feels secure in his territory. It might be months before you can leave them alone unsupervised. With dogs and cats, the expectation isn't that they'll be best pals -- although that can happen. The goal is mutual toleration. Ignoring each other is a good thing.
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Some animal shelters recommend "scent switching" while the animals are still separated by the baby gate. Scent switching is easy, and it allows both animals to get used to the smell of the other. To do this, take a small towel and rub it on your cat, or take a blanket that your cat often sleeps upon. Place the scented towel or blanket near the pup’s food bowl. There are two reasons for placing the towel near the food: 1. the dog will have constant contact with the scent, and 2. the dog will associate the scent with something he loves, food. Repeat this procedure, placing a dog-scented towel near the cat’s food. It's important that you pay attention to their eating . Although a rare occurrence, make sure that the scented towel is not causing either animal to refuse to eat.
Once the animals get to know each other, then you can try to take down the baby gate. However, do not leave the animals completely unsupervised. Make sure that the interactions are safe for both animals. As your dog learns commands, it's important that you teach him "down" or "stay" around the cat. That way, if a quarrel erupts, you can call down the dog. Also, keep your cat’s fingernails clipped. You do not want her to scratch your pup’s face and cause an infection.
Even after the animals become comfortable in the same space, you still need to keep them separated when you’re not home. Continue keeping them separated until you are absolutely sure they will not fight.
Introducing a new puppy into the home of an existing cat can be stressful for both animals. It's important that you let them meet slowly and get to know each other on their own terms. In the beginning, keeping their food separated is necessary. You also want them both to have their own safe place. Once acquainted, dogs and cats can be good friends, bringing even more and joy to your home. Keep cat food away from your puppy to ward of unwanted digestive problems. Puppies are eating machines and nothing is off limits, including your cat's food.Mar 9, 2017 - Learn why dogs chase cats and how to stop your puppy or dog from chasing cats in this step-by-step training article.Mar 19, 2012 - It's a misconception that dogs and cats cannot live together
But don’t kid yourself: it will pose a challenge to bring a new puppy home into your household where you’ve long-had kitties roaming (or as they see it – “managing the house’s four-legged affairs”). After all, cats are quite set in their ways, creatures of habit, and are usually happy to keep things the way they are without you off and adding to the equation. Funny cats meeting puppies can be so cute. Check out these cats meeting puppies. When a cat meets a puppy for the first time she/he looks so curious and funnyAccording to the American Humane Association (AHA) this is very important, and is actually something I can attest to. You might want to try to find a breed of puppy that is known for being a bit lower-key (for example don’t get a Jack Russell Terrier) if you have senior cats at home already. Try getting a smarter breed of pup or rescue pup for the cats you have that are trained, etc. Smart recognizes smart.Most cats (even males) have an inherent parenting instinct and will be more tolerant of a puppy, rather than a full grown dog, believe it or not. They will be much more forgiving when a puppy oversteps his boundaries or breaks the house rules and may even begin to nurture him.
Old dogs or cats might just want to kick back and take it easy, but puppies and kittens have more energy than they know what to do with — and they often use it to bounce off the senior member's head. And we’ve all seen the big galoot of a puppy who pesters a tiny old dog — or — to the point where the smaller animal prefers to stay in hiding rather than get pounced on again by the youngster.Cats and kittens meeting puppies for the first time compilation. Videos of cat first encounter with new puppy. Funny cats and cute puppies interacting with each other in this new compilation. Check out other videos on mihaifrancu: Funny dogs meeting cute baby animals compilation. Talking cats saying "no" to bath. Top 10 funny monkey videos compilation. Best of cute baby animals compilation. And more.

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