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Marjorie Fischer, director of Treatibles, a company that creates hemp-based products for animals, said her company has benefited from the knowledge and experience of a cannabis-based company. Treatibles started in 2013 as a sister company of Auntie Dolores, a California company that makes gourmet human edibles. Fischer said Treatibles’ baked products come in two flavors: pumpkin and blueberry. They contain one mg of CBD in a small treat for animals up to 50 pounds and two and a half mg of CBD in a large treat for animals 50 pounds and over. Treatibles is working to create a grain-free version of the product for dogs and a cat-specific product as well.
Always use a product intended for cats and use it as directed on the label.

Grains are not a natural part of the feline evolutionary diet. Historically, cats were used to guard grainaries because they would catch mice and not eat the grain. Only in the last 50 years, with the development of the commercial pet food industry, have grains been added to cat and dog foods. Many of these grains used are waste products from large agricultural production facilities.

Many cats are allergic to the grains in their commercial cat food. These allergies can often manifest as skin and digestive disorders. Grains are also a source of carbohydrates, which cats require very little of. The optimal feline diet is one that provides high protein and low carbohydrates. Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, designed felines to use protein as their main energy source, rather than carbohydrates. Unfortunately, foods on the market that say they provide 'high energy', typically do so by using a grain source. Carbohydrates are a quick source of energy and are burned away very quickly. They are also the cheap and unhealthy solution to providing a dietary energy source. In fact, one of our own cats was highly allergic to grains, and that was what led us to start this company.

For more information why Rad Cat doesn’t contain grains,

Protein, from a meat source, provides sustained energy and is burned completely and efficiently. Yes, foods containing mostly meat are more expensive, but the longer life expectancy, health benefits and lower vet bills outweigh those costs. High carbohydrates in feline (and canine) diets are also major contributors to obesity in pets. Cats on high protein, low carbohydrate diets tend to lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight, with increased energy and vitality. Starches in high carbohydrate diets tend to bond to teeth, creating tartar build-up, which leads to gum disease, bad breath, and other health problems that are associated with chronic gingivitis. Cat's dietary needs are very different from humans and from dogs, who are omnivores. Cat's digestive systems are very short and they need to eat foods that are easily digestible. Raw diets are the most digestible for cats due to the high enzyme content naturally present in raw meat. Metaflumizone, brand name ProMeris (no longer available). This product was formulated with Amitraz which is toxic to cats.Accepted Products for CatsProducts for cats … and their people.Feeding Solutions, Waste Management, Toys, Treats, and Scratchers.
There are now too many VOHC Accepted Products to show conveniently on a single screen. Click either of the links below to access the printer-friendly PDF versions of the list specific for dogs or for cats. Brushing your cat’s teeth is the single most effective means to maintain dental health between professional dental cleanings. This makes sense because the bacterial film known as “plaque” is the cause of . This film is easily disrupted by the simple mechanical effect of brushing the teeth. For brushing to be effective, it needs to be done several times each week - daily brushing is best. Most cats will allow their teeth to be brushed, but you need to take a very gradual and gentle approach. Start by letting your cat lick the dentifrice from your finger, then off the small feline toothbrush, then gradually place the brush in your cat’s mouth and add the brushing motions. Introduction of this process may require daily activity over 1-2 months. We recommend pet-specific dentifrice for cats; these products are safe for cats and come in flavors that cats accept, such as poultry and seafood. Avoid human toothpastes as they often contain abrasives and high-foaming detergents that should not be swallowed or inhaled. Small cat-specific toothbrushes are available. Some cats prefer finger brushes.Established in 1983, Cat Dancer Products is dedicated to making the best toys for cats. All of our handheld toys are manufactured in our solar powered factory in Neenah, Wisconsin.Several dental-specific diets have been shown to be of benefit in retarding accumulation of dental plaque and tartar cats. Some employ a specific kibble design and others include a chemical anti-tartar poly-phosphate ingredient. Although they may be of value, there is little publicly-available information documenting the dental value of chew products for cats.