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Precise Holistic Complete Adult Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food
Precise Feline Foundation Chicken Formula is a canned food that will have your kitty clucking...we mean, purring at your feet.

This canned formula is made with chicken protein and the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to live a healthy life. Precise canned foods do not need sugar or molasses to taste...
Precise Holistic Complete Grain Free Turkey & Chicken with Spring Yellow Peas Dry Cat Food
Nacogdoches, Texas – August 31, 2010 –Precise Pet Products has provided pet owners with pet food formulas featuring all-natural ingredients produced from U.S. and New Zealand sources for almost 20 years. The company, a brand division of Texas Farm Products Company, is excited to debut Precise Holistic Complete, a new line of holistic dog and cat food formulas at this year’s SuperZoo pet show. Precise Holistic Complete Grain Free Flaked Beef Formula Canned Cat FoodPrecise Holistic Complete Grain Free Flaked Pork Formula Canned Cat FoodPrecise Feline Senior Canned Cat Food
At the time Gray's had him he was fed Eagle cat food for a year, but when he was moved to our office he was put on - kibble and canned, because we had stopped supporting Eagle products once the company had been sold to Wellpet, Inc.

I would have NEVER thought that after a year on Precise Cat food the coat on an adult cat would have bloomed into this magnificent coat! Safe. Scientific. Genuine. Qualities and values people demand in the pet food they buy and the pet food company it’s made by. Nobody cares more about cats and no one knows more about what they need than cat owners. Precise strives to develop and refine cat food formulations that meet and exceed the expectations of cat owners. Precise is proudly made in the USA by Texas Farm Products, a family-owned company since 1930 and makers of respected pet food brands.Here are examples of Grady when he had been fed 1 year on Eagle cat food then below are photos of him this week, after he had been feed Precise Plus Adult Feline wet/kibble or Precise Feline Hairball Formula kibble/wet, over the last year. YOU be the judge. We think it is amazing AND have noticed the same thing at home with our Persians and other retired cats. Precise Holistic Complete Grain Free Turkey and Chicken Meal Formula Dry Cat Food is made with the same exceptional ingredients as the original holistic complete line. This formula contains real meats and added vitamins and minerals for a healthy, complete meal. There are added botanicals, herbs and supplements to help give you... Precise Feline Weight Management Formula is a healthy option for cats that are overweight or less active. The same high quality ingredients that are in other Precise cat foods can be found in the Light Formula; chicken meat, chicken fat and natural chicken flavor. Too much weight can be a problem for a cat, causing its internal... Precise Feline Kitten Formula is the ideal start to a kitten's life and is great for pregnant and nursing cats. This formula contains high quality calories derived from chicken meat meal and pure, clarified chicken fat (never with lard or "animal fat"). This kitten food is preserved with Vitamins C and E and contains whole grai...