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Schaefer is the niece of Lorna Spencer, who has adopted Precious the cat.
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Precious is a cat who belongs to . She appears in  as the main antagonist of the "" trilogy.
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Catalyst: The principal shows up at Precious’s apartment building. Even though Precious refuses her entrance, the principal delivers the name and address of an alternative school. Now it’s up to Precious to attend — or not.It all started about three weeks ago when I went on my routine weekly visit to a rest home. As I was in the midst of my bible study, the nurses rolled in a very unhappy Miss Linda. The nurses had forced her to take a bath and come out of her room. Miss Linda had fallen out of her bed within the week and hurt her back. Although I have heard of an ensuing depression after an elderly person breaks a hip, I have not heard of this happening from just hurting one's back. However, Miss Linda has lost her will to do anything, including eat. This presented a problem with regard to her pet, Precious the cat. She had also stopped feeding and caring for Precious. The nurses all seemed to have great disdain for this cat. Nobody would volunteer to feed or change the litterbox until Linda recovered.Precious is a male situated at in all versions. He is "siblings" with Sam (US)/ Rufus (PAL) the , who only shows up in competitions. Precious only appears if you come to the cafe alone; otherwise, the dog of the friend who invited you to the cafe will be there instead. He is the cat of Ellie (US)/Anita (PAL). Precious is Overfed because he eats Cafe food and drinks Milk-Formula.Around noon, I showed up to pick up the cat. Miss Linda hadn't eaten, so I talked her into letting the nurse bathe her and then we had lunch together, sort of. I fed her as much as I could. She immediately wanted to take a nap, so we went back. Precious was huddled in the closet. We talked a bit, and then I proceeded to convince Precious to come home with me. Two hours later, I was still chasing Precious thoughout the room. At one point I had picked her up. However, she managed to free herself from my arms and bolt under the bed. I was crawling in closets, crawling under the bed, trying to convince Precious that I was really her friend. Food didn't even work. I made a little trail of food leading to me. Nope, she knew that was a trap. Two hours later she let me pet her. I could just reach her under the bed. When she least expected it I picked her up and this time held her tightly while petting and cooing to her. I asked Linda to call a nurse to help me put Precious in the carrier.After my meeting, I went to talk with a very unhappy Linda. All she wanted to do was go back to bed. Lunch time was approaching, so I stayed and had lunch with her, hoping to generate a bit of enthusiasm. I pretty much had to feed her as I would a very small child. While there, one of the staff came up to inform Linda that they would have to find another place for the cat. Linda agreed. Knowing that the "other place" for the cat would be the local pound, sight unseen, I offered to take care of Precious until she got better. Very much hoping that she would get better. I informed Linda and the Staff that I would be back the next day with the cat carrier.A little while later, another nurse entered and said "Cover up Linda, I have James with me." One would naturally assume that James would be a handiman that would help me in what might be a difficult endeavor. I turned around and there was James the resident with his girlfriend who has Parkinsons. She kindly offered to hold the cat, but I declined, thinking of how to proceed with a "Plan B." I then proceeded with the only idea that would work. I asked James to take the carrier and put it on the floor with the back to the floor and the door on top. I had James hold it while I dropped Precious in and quickly slammed the door behind her. whew. Job done.