Dr Elsey 39 S Precious Cat Kitten Attract Training Litter 20 Lb

Precious Cat Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Scoopable Cat Litter, 20 lbs. ()
…the litter attractant into Precious Cat Ultra scoopable litter. Mix 1/4 of the contents of the attractant bottle with a freshly filled litter box containing 2-25 pounds of Precious Cat Ultra scoopable litter. Add 1/8 of this litter attractant whenever you add more litter. Helps bring problem cats
Dr Elsey 39 S Precious Cat Attract Litter 40 Lb Bag Chewy Com
I adopted my cat when she was an adult, and for a brief period, we had some issues with her peeing outside of the litter box while she was adjusting. My mom had recently switched to Dr. Elsey's because she was looking for a better dust free option, and she recommended I try Cat Attract. I'm so glad I did because my cat has been using the litter box without issue ever since, and I feel much better cleaning out her box because my allergies hardly ever act up from dust.

Cat Attract is all natural (clay) and has a "unique herbal blend" which supposedly attract cats to use it and also natural chlorophyll for odor control. I have a sphynx and as a breed they are known to do some stinky poops, and I can honestly say that while this litter doesn't make it smell like roses, it masks any foul scent better than any other litter I have tried. I also think that overall it clumps very well which makes clean up easier and keeps the box cleaner/fresher longer.

Also, each bag comes with a little booklet with litter box tips and coupons for all the Dr. Elsey's products which I really appreciate! Even though it is more expensive than most litters, it is a really high quality litter that I would definitely recommend. Preciou Dr Elsey 39 S Cat Attract Litter Giveaway ReviewDr Elsey 39 S Precious Cat Attract Litter 40 Lb Bag Chewy ComDr Elsey 39 S Precious Cat Attract Litter 40 Lb Bag Chewy Com
Precious Cat Ultra, Cat Attract litter, and the entirePrecious Cat litter line, are all created without the use of any plantproteins, which makes it virtually allergen-free for cats. Containing 100%natural clay, this was a definite appeal for me. After a nightmarish experimentwith corn-based litter that contributed to every one of my cats breaking outwith terrible feline acne, I was determined to avoid all kitty litter thatcontained any plant-based proteins or additives.They have also designed Senior, Long Haired, and RespiratoryRelief litters, all of which are all natural cat litter options with different benefits. The Senior formula is a bio-degradable veterinary exclusive cat litter, designed with very small particles to help prevent kidney and urinary tract problems. The Long Haired Precious Cat Litter is actually a silica gelbased litter with Cat Attract litter herbs and is designed with the particlesize that longer haired cats prefer, which will not stick to the cat’s fur andwill not cause any discoloration. Respiratory Relief litter comes in either a clayor silica gel form, and helps control respiratory problems in cats due to itslow-dust, hypo-allergenic formula with added natural essences that help toreduce a cat’s stress level.Precious Cat Litter is also the manufacturer of Cat Attract litterand Kitten Attract litter, two one-of-a-kind formulations designed withnatural, safe, herbal additives to attract your cat to the litter box andproven to be useful in training and re-training your cat to use the box. Eachbag of includes a simple step-by-step guide of Dr. Elsey’s recommendations forsuccessful litter box training and is guaranteed to work or your money back.For cat's who have a hard time adjusting to the use of their litter box and for kittens that need litter box training, Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Cat Attract Cat Litter is a great choice. This all natural litter has a natural herb attractant that brings your problem or learning cat back to his or her litter box. Hard clumping and dust free, Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Cat Attract Cat Litter can be used with almost any litter box and provides the best in odor neutralization so your home stays fresh. Ideal for multi-cat use, this unique cat litter can surely solve all your cat's litter box concerns.Regardless of your needs, whether your cat is going outside the box, you have a multi-cat household, your long-haired kitty needs a litter that won’t stick to her, or your cat has respiratory problems, any of the Precious Cat Litter options are definitely worth trying. Cat Attract litter and Kitten Attract litter are guaranteed or your money back. And, no matter which Precious Cat Litterformula you decide to try, Dr. Elsey’s company offers a free bag rebateprogram. . You can’t go wrong with that!Guaranteed litter box use... or your money back!

Precious Cat Ultra Litter Attractant contains a scent that naturally cats to use the litter box. It was created through years of observing shelters and in Dr. Elsey's clinic. Industry statistics show that non- box is the number one behavioral reason cats are abandoned, abused, animal shelters. Designed for cats who are not using their litter boxes, Ultra Litter Attractant is the first litter attractant to specifically address and provide a clinically tested and consumer proven solution.