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Portable Cat Litter Box//foldable/travel/drive/emergency/light Weight (Black)
Cats need a litter box when they accompany you on a road trip or a long distance travel journey. They should not be made to hold urine for a long time. It could result in bladder infections. Fortunately, portable litter boxes are available in the market. A perfect solution for cat’s reliving problem especially during travel purposes.
Cat1st Portable Cat Litter Box//foldable/travel/drive/emergency/light Weight (Black)

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The present invention specifically addresses and alleviates the above mentioned needs associated with cat litter boxes of the prior art by providing a portable cat litter box having an extension handle integrated therewith in order to facilitate efficient and convenient transportation and maneuvering of the cat litter box during its operative use.The cat litter box may further include the extension handle which is preferably pivotally connected to the top wall at an end of the cat litter box opposite the end having the wheels. The extension handle is preferably pivotable against the top wall and is oriented in substantial alignment with the centerline thereof and lockable thereagainst during non-use. In its operative state, the extension handle is preferably sized and configured to be outwardly pivotable away from the top wall such that a user may grasp the extension handle in any desired angular orientation in order to facilitate transportation of the cat litter box via the wheels. The extension handle may be pivotable through an angle of at least 180 degrees about a pivot axis oriented parallel to the top wall. In addition, the extension handle may be further configured to be rotatable through a 360 degree arc about a swivel axis that is oriented perpendicularly relative to the top wall.In its broadest sense, the portable cat litter box of the present invention comprises a lower portion releasably attachable to an upper portion, an opening formed in the upper portion and having a door pivotable in relation thereto, a pair of lift handles mounted on the upper portion, and an elongate extension handle pivotally connected to the upper portion and being specifically configured to be outwardly pivotable in order to facilitate transportation and maneuverability of the cat litter box.Referring now to the drawings wherein the showings are for purposes of illustrating preferred embodiments of the present invention and not for purposes of limiting the same, shown in FIGS. 1-6 is a portable cat box 10 that is specifically adapted to provide improved transportability and convenience in moving the cat box.Go Kitty Go! Portable Travel Cat/Kitty Litter Box is a must-have for kitty lovers and owners. Go Kitty Go is the world's ONLY foldable, reusable, portable, disposable, cleanable #Cat Litter Box. for only $12.99! click on the picture for more details regarding the product! #litterboxIf you place the litter box appropriately, adequately train your cat to use it, and most importantly, clean the box frequently enough, problems may be easily escaped, and the advantages of the covered box enjoyed.