Vo-Toys Plush Goldfish Cat Tunnel

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TRIXIE’s Plush Nesting Tunnel for Cats is the perfect solution for every cat owner. This plush tunnel has two plush condos with durable, natural sisal exteriors. There are even pom-pom toys for added adventure. What makes this item unique is that when activity time is over, it can be retracted for easy storage and maximum portability.
Cat Trees and Condos Plush Kitty Hanging Bed w Hideaway Tunnel Scratching Post durable service
The plush crinkle cat tunnel has a nice feel overall - the material is very soft to the touch and it is very sturdy. It is definitely a crinkle tunnel - which most cats just love! I personally think the length is just right - not too large to be cumbersome and take up your entire room but long enough for a cat to enjoy running through or hiding in. My one complaint is that the width of the tunnel itself is not big enough. It is certainly big enough for kittens and juvenile cats to sit in on one end and run through all the way to the other end - but with your average size adult cat, much less an overweight cat, I've noticed that it can be a bit confining for them and they can't run through it like I see them enjoy doing with other crinkle tunnels that are a bit larger. good Cat Trees and Condos Plush Kitty Hanging Bed w Hideaway Tunnel Scratching PostCat Trees and Condos Plush Kitty Hanging Bed w Hideaway Tunnel Scratching Post delicatefree shipping As seen on TV Kitty Shack plush portable washable pet cat kitten bed mat tunnel
Plush Crinkle Cat Tunnel

A fun time for your furry friend in the Plush Crinkle Cat Tunnel. Dimensions: 8¾" x 24"
This fun kitty is a great value because it's like two pieces of cat furniture in one. The plush tunnel is a fun place for cats to hide, chase, and play. When active time is over, the plush tunnel has plush mat for sleeping and lounging.

This two-in-one cat tunnel is retractable for maximum portability. The sleeping mat is attached with a zipper so it can be removed for travel or storage.

Two things cats love to do are play hide-and-seek, and take naps. This is a for cat owners to provide a fun zone for both activities.

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