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A: The Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair is designed for pet hair removal. It picks up cat or dog hair – all types: long, short, curly or straight.
A: On average, the Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair is used up in 5 weeks. For heavy shedding dogs/cats, it is used up in about 3 weeks.
If you have a cat, you know what the challenge living with cat hair can be. So, if you have a cat, just try it, you’re life will be so much better. As you can tell I’m a real advocate for this product. Do check it out and let me know what you think of the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. Melissa shows how to remove cat and dog hair from a duvet cover using a lint roller brush, a rubber pet hair brush, and the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.Pledge fabric sweeper 1 cat hair 0.You have a pet, especially a cat, you must buy this most intelligent product the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair by S.C. Johnson. Simply amazing.
So now, a few years and a couple more cats later, I’m finding myself the almost sole caretaker of three fur-balls, who tend to leave – well, a lot of stray ‘fur’ lying around. You see, as indoor cats (well, mostly), they tend to shed year-round. And keeping the furniture and bedding clean from cat hair has become quite the challenge – which is why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out Pledge’s new Fabric Sweeper for pet hair.Pledge Fabric Sweeper seems cool for picking up pet hair from sofas and other surfaces. Basically it’s two sets of rollers with a hair catcher. Pledge admonishes consumers to simply toss it when you’re done, and presumably buy another one, but Jim found that it’s not that hard to empty and reuse them instead.Our couch is upholstered in microfiber – which generally does a fairly good job at repelling the cat hair. Except in this one area, since the cats lie there so much. I’ve tried vacuuming in there, but the vacuum tends to blow the hair around as much as it picks it up. I was really curious (and a bit skeptical, I’ll admit) as to how well the Pledge Fabric Sweeper would do. I bought the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair in a two pack and it does remove some of the dog and cat hair from our microfiber couch. However after using the product I found that my basic lint roller worked better and is more economical.

This product is basically two rollers which you roll over various fabric surfaces which seem to accumulate cat hair, like upholstery, carpet, couches, and other fabric. The hair is picked up and placed in a holding bin at the top of the product. (Sorry if my explanation leaves something to be desired -- it really is easier to understand once you see the video which shows the product in action.)

This first video is from Consumer Reports, and it compares this product to the , which is an adhesive based product, and the Scotch Fur Fighter, which is a product with sheets with basically rubber grippers which grab the hair.

Basically, Consumer Reports thought the product worked very well, and was easier to use than either of the Scotch products.

Next, here is a video showing a great little tip to let you use your Pledge Fabric Sweeper for pet hair longer. Basically, when the little pet hair holder fills up Pledge instructs you to throw it away and get a new one. That could get expensive really quickly.

This video shows how to remove the rollers to get rid of the accumulated pet hair so you can reuse the Pledge pet hair remover over and over without having to buy a replacement!

This video shows you how to reuse the fabric sweeper over and over after it fills with pet hair, instead of throwing it away and having to buy a new one.

Finally, here is a video that shows both the limitations and positives of this product. Basically, she liked it for easy quick clean up of pet hair, but for big amounts she felt her vacuum still worked better.

From observing how it is used, I assume that this works best for cleaning solid surfaces, like a couch or carpet, but would not be a great choice for removing pet hair from draperies or your own clothing, at least not without having to lay that fabric over a more solid surface first. Is my assumption true?

I would like to hear from even more people, sharing their opinions about this product, and how it has worked for them. You can , for this or any other brand, telling me what you liked (or didn't) about it, and why.

For Best Results: 1), Slide side-to-side on upholstered furniture using moderate pressure. Use short strokes of about 8-12 inches in each direction (as indicated by the arrows on the Sweeper). 2), Fabric Sweeper is self cleaning! As you go in one direction, one roller picks up the pet hair from the surface. When you go in the other direction, the second roller cleans off the first and pushes the pet hair inside. 3), If pet hair builds up on the rollers, repeat the side-to-side motion a few times on a clean area of the upholstery. Special Fabric Considerations: 1), For microfiber and suede: Please follow instructions above. 2), Loosened upholstered fabrics: Pull fabric right to ensure effective pick up. 3), Nor for use on vinyl or leather. Not Foe Use on Animals. Do Not Use Wet or on Wet Surfaces. Do Not Use with Any Liquid. Do Not Wash or Rinse Rollers. Do Not Try to Empty or Disassemble Disposable Sweeper. Keep out of Reach of Children and Pets.