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A wicker basket is the most traditional type of cat beds. You can put a blanket or pillow in it to make your pet comfortable. However, a wicker basket is harder to clean and easy to chew and scratch. That is why you can choose a plastic one and line it with soft fabric and cushions. This type of cat beds is generally not very expensive.
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I live in Canada and have 3 strays that live in my backyard. I made beds from the large Tupperware containers, lined them with insulation, covered that with plastic and covered that with Mylar blankets. Then put a fleecy cat mat in each one. On very cold nights I use the My Warm Pet microwaveable heat pad & slip it under the fleecy bed. Lasts for 10-12 hours. They are warm on those freezing nights! Each bed cost about $20 to make. I don't know if the heaters are really necessary as the Mylar reflects the heat back to them...but I do it anyway. Feline Snoozers features cat trees, beds, tunnels and towers constructed from sturdy PVC plasticClear Plastic Cake Boxes for Cat Beds | ThriftyFunCat Cave Bed | Caves, Cat Beds and Plastic - Pinterest
The new Cave Cat Beds replace the old favourite Cat Hooded Bedding. With a brand new removable plastic rod added to the design at no extra cost.If you decide to buy one of these awesome beds but your , here are a few tips to help you out. First, let the bed air out – if it’s been wrapped in plastic packaging, your cat won’t appreciate the smell. After a few days, try rubbing some catnip into the bed. You can also lay a shirt or a towel which smells like you on top of the bed to make it more appealing to your cat.I came across this line of stylish cat products from Dutch company Curver. They specialize in plastic home goods and also have a line of litter boxes, beds and carriers that look like rattan but are made of easy-to-clean plastic. They also make sleek storage containers decorated with cat photos, like the litter storage box [...]Choosing a bed that’s good for your cat can also mean selecting one that’s good for the environment. “Cat lovers can certainly play their part in protecting the planet through their selection of pet bedding; recycled materials for fabric or filler is the most obvious and impactful way of doing so,” says Will Chen, founder of P.L.A.Y., whose pet beds are stuffed with trademarked fiberfill made from certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. Chen also reminds cat lovers that they can take recycling a step further by donating old pet beds to shelters and other animal rescue groups.