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White silica gel cat litter saved my cat’s life. I noticed one day her urine was very slightly pink. The vet saw her that day and diagnosed a hidden kidney condition that would have killed her quickly, but because we caught it so early, she lived happy and healthy for many more years. I never would have seen the stain in anything but the pure white silica litter. That’s a real and significant benefit that far outweighs any marginal, mythical, pseudo-scientific “danger”.
I like trying out different cat litters! Someday I will hit on the perfect one. And pink is my favorite color!
The Catit Hooded Cat Pan provides privacy while retaining the litter inside the pan. The large hood lifts up for easy access for cleaning, while the built-in bag anchor helps keep the bag open and frees hand for scooping. The carbon impregnated filter effectively traps and removes litter box odors. Replacement carbon filters sold separately.

Catit Hooded Cat Pan, Pink. Pink accent colour with white top and gray base. With removable clear door and replaceable carbon filter. Dimensions (pan): 57cm L x 46.5cm H x 39cm W (22.4in x 18.3in x 15.3in). Dimensions (door opening): 26.5cm H x 24.5cm W (10.4in x 9.6in) Catsan Cat Litter PinkCat Lover Products 117422: 48 Inch Long Handle Pink Cat Litter Box Scoop Life Time Warranty Free Shipping BUY IT NOW ONLY: $39.95Modkat Litter Box Pink now featured on Fab. So much better looking than our cat box...and, Gypsy can't eat cat poop this way!
So essentially, if you are unable to obtain 'Tescos Low Dust Lightweight' cat-litter (moler-clay/ Diatomaceous Earth/diatomite) what other product names is it sold as? In the UK there is a product called Sophisticat Pink cat litter that is sold at 'Petsmart' and 'Pets at Home' and it is exactly the same clay granules as those sold as 'Tescos Low Dust Lightweight'. (Interestingly, there are a few references online to experienced UK bonsai enthusiasts that have been using Sophisticat Pink cat litter to good effect for many years). Did you know that a high pH level (or alkaline level) in a cat's urine is an indicator of possible urinary tract infection? Pet Ecology Perfect Litter “Alert” contains a patented material that shows the level of alkalinity by changing the color of your kitty's litter from light pink to dark pink, indicating an increased urine pH and a possible urinary tract infection in your cat.Sophisticat Pink is imported into the UK by a company called Steetleys who are bagging it up under a number of different product names. It is very possible that there are other UK chain stores other than Tescos that are selling the same product as Sophisticat Pink and Tescos Low Dust Lightweight under different 'own brand' packaging.
So Steetleys are importing from a Scandinavian company Damolin and bagging it up under different names. On the Damolin site it appears that French & German subsidiaries distribute Damolin cat litter for the rest of Europe.A Google search for Diatomaceous Earth and/or diatomite (as it is also known) throws up many different sources throughout the world. I would recommend searching online for Diatomaceous Earth and/or diatomite products in your country. These will be sold as cat litters, oil-absorbents, soil conditioners or as hydroponics products. For anyone who lives with visible litter boxes, these are an attractive solution to expensive furniture-type litter enclosures. We prefer keeping our uncovered litter boxes uncovered. Most cats prefer the space and fresh air of an uncovered box. Cali-Cuvs come in a variety of colors, patterns and cat litter box sizes/styles. If pink is not your color, explore their other choices plus t-shirts at their website Cali-Cuvs from are a quick and inexpensive way to camouflage unsightly cat litter boxes. Let’s face it, litter boxes are utilitarian at best and ugly at worst. I have to admit I was skeptical when Kelli Phillips, the owner approached me to do a review. Fabric covering a litter box? How would it work? She sent me a pink one to try in honor of our month long Breast Cancer Awareness Month. See Kelli demonstrate a Cali-Cuv in this .The blue color often found in silica gel cat litters that indicates that the litter is fresh (it turns pink upon absorption of moisture) is due to the presence of Cobalt Chloride. This, again, is ‘possibly carcinogenic’ to humans and definitely hazardous to aquatic life and to the environment in general (use of Cobalt Chloride has been restricted in Europe since 2000 after being reclassified as a carcinogen).