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ExquisiCat® Naturals Pine Cat Litter at PetSmart. ... Write a review . ... litter box with ExquisiCat Pine Pellet Cat Litter that is made with 100% pine for a safe, ...
Customer Reviews: Feline Fresh Natural Pine Cat Litter, 20 lbs - Walmart
This is a listing of all Feline Pine cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Feline Pine cat litters with our internal ranking system. Feline Pine cat litter has been around since the early 90s but have decided to keep their offering small, with their two products simply being “clumping” and “non-clumping”. What makes them unique is that the litter is made of all-natural pine. Pine is a unique material in that it has embedded clumping and odor control tendencies will being refreshing in smell and also being more environmentally friendly. The results of using pine might be perfect for some and for others it might be missing some key attributes so we encourage that people give one of their two products a go and see if the align with what you and your cat(s) need. Best Cat Litter Reviews - Feline Pine Cat LitterCustomer Reviews: Feline Fresh Natural Pine Cat Litter, 7 lbs - WalmartFeline Pine Clumping Cat Litter Review - Best Cat Litter
As you may have guessed, I have no hesitation in recommending Feline Pine Cat Litter to anyone. The only caveat, as mentioned on the previous article, is that there is the gamble as to whether your cat will make the switch. Some cats just don't like change. Also, if your home is small, odor may be more of an issue.This is our Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter Review. Feline Pine Clumping cat litter uses 100% natural pine to help neutralize strong odors on contact. The absorbent wood binds directly to harsh ammonia odors and is set up to clump directly to cat waste, making for easy daily or weekly maintenance. There are no harsh chemical or preservatives added, and the lightweight material still manages to only produce marginal amounts of dust. It is available in 8 and 14-pound bags. If you're looking for an all-natural cat litter that's effective, biodegradable and affordable, experts and owners alike say Feline Pine is worth considering. Not every reviewer is sold on pellet litters like this one, and even fans say its best when paired with a special litter pan, but Feline Pine is free from hazardous chemicals, does a great job of controlling odors, and is relatively dust free. This is our World’s Best Cat Litter Advanced Natural Scented Pine Blend Multi Cat Cat Litter Review. World’s Best Cat Litter Advanced Natural Scented Pine Blend Multi Cat cat litter combines the effective clumping and odor control of their conventional multi-cat product with an appealing pine scent that will remind you of the great outdoors. This flushable, planet-friendly, and 99% dust-free product promises to handle even the most busy litter box’s demands. It is available in 6, 12, and 24-pound bags.The Feline Pine Clumping Cat Litter Review earns 3 out of 5 cats. No major negatives other than the messy aspect, which can be quite frustrating especially if you try to implement this in a multi-cat household. However, the clumping and odor control are good enough that, coupled with the pretty good price, makes this an alright option if you are looking for a more environmentally-friendly wood litter product that has some benefits that are not always present in the eco-friendly products.It's great to use all natural products whenever possible in my opinion. That's why I bought a bag of this ExquisiCat Enviro-Friendly Pine Cat Litter from PetSmart. I had actually read some good reviews for it on their website and decided to purchase it because of that. However, after only using it a few days I made the switch right back to my original litter. This cat litter isn't all that great. First, it definitely doesn't help with odors at all. It's doesn't absorb moisture as well as clumping cat litter, which means it doesn't help with the odor of urine. I tried to sift out the clumps and it only made a mess, so I completely changed the Pine litter. I will never buy this stuff again, I don't know what I was thinking.

Moisture Absorption
This litter isn't moisture absorbent.

Ease of Cleaning
It's too hard to clean and sift through so you have to change it all the time.

Odor Control
Horrible at controlling odors.

Ease of Use
It's not easy to use, the cats track the little pellets throughout my whole house. I hate this cat litter.