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Ash content isn't important, but overall diet is. Understanding Fluffy’s urine pH level will guide some dietary choices. The relative content of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium are more important than the total ash content. If Fluffy’s urine pH is high, a food with a high magnesium content isn't for her because it will make her urine more alkaline, which will contribute to struvite crystal development. The National Academy of Science published daily recommended allowances for healthy cats that include .018 g calcium, 0.16 g phosphorus and 25 mg magnesium. Other minerals are listed in its publication “Your Cat's Nutritional Needs.” Of course, you should talk to your vet if Fluffy has health issues that may impact her diet options.
Phosphorus levels in cat food
Kidney values should be checked regularly, and the panel should include calcium and phosphorus levels. If the product of Calcium X Phosphorus is greater than 70 or Phosphorus is greater than 5 mg/dl in the blood, a phosphorus binder is needed. This binds the phosphorus from food in the gut rather than allowing it to be filtered by the kidney, which will often allow us to feed a protein replete diet that keeps cats well-muscled. A diet with lower levels of protein and phosphorus will not help a cat suffering from CRD if the cat consumes twice as much of that food each day. Most CRD.blood sugar level of many cats and diets that are high in carbs are not ..Feb 15, 2016 - Since cats choose food based upon three characteristics: texture or “mouth feel”, ..
Prescription food may be an unnecessary expense. Cats need proper hydration to maintain kidney health (which is why sub-q fluids are often recommended). Feeding an all-canned diet may benefit your cat. If you are using a phosphorus binder, a low-phosphorus prescription diet may not be necessary, and simple readily-available canned foods may work fine. Low-protein prescription diets may exacerbate the anemia and muscle wastage commonly secondary to kidney disease, and may elevate Creatinine levels.“The phosphorus levels in a normal-protein cat food can vary widely, as you know, and sure, it’s a good idea to go with the lowest phosphorus foods you can find. However, be aware that those [phosphorus] levels will still be about double those of the more-restrictive veterinary renal diets.This one I have the phosphorus and sodium listed on this forum but do not have in front of me. I just know the phosphorus level was in the 20's and sodium is low(my cat loves this one) You can e-mail Weruva and ask any questions on their Soulistic or Weruva canned foods they will promptly reply..This very popular product doesn’t directly target renal failure in cats, but provides a very healthy and fulfilling option. This is because of the high palatability of the food, the grain free nature, the low phosphorus levels and the very high quality of the meat used.Phosphorus binders come in different forms and they should be given to Kitty at mealtime. The most common phosphorus binder is aluminum hydroxide, which many vets prescribe in the form of AlternaGel. AlternaGel is a mint flavored liquid and syringed into the cat's mouth. However, many cats dislike the mint flavor and will sometimes struggle against the medicine. There are also tasteless powders that are available via the Internet; they can be mixed with Kitty's wet food or sprinkled on dry food. There are other options besides aluminum hydroxide available to your cat. Calcium-based antacids (such as Tums) are sometimes recommended by vets, but they aren't the best choice because they may make Kitty's calcium levels too high. As well, they are not as effective as aluminum hydroxide. Other medication, such as Epakitin, is emerging in the market and it is worth speaking to your vet about them.Hill's Prescription Diet y/d Feline Thyroid Health Canned Cat Food is: * Supports kidney health with controlled phosphorus and low sodium.* Helps maintain bladder health with controlled mineral levels.* Promotes heart health with essential nutrients like taurine and carnitine.* Promotes healthy skin…