Sentry Calming Pheromone Spray for Cats

Anxious cats may benefit from pheromone sprays, acupuncture or other treatments.
Feliway pheromone spray when sprayed on the surfaces and objects that the cats frequent most and like most will stop them from urine mark it. Urine marking is spraying a little of its urine on its favorites to make it its territory. By spraying the Feliway on those things will make them familiar with the cats and they stop urine marking. It also makes a sense of familiarity especially in a new home, place or in a vehicle.
Sargeants Sentry Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Spray Cats Behavior Correction
Does your cat need help with separation anxiety, excessive meowing, destructive behavior or inappropriate marking? Try our Sentry Calming Pheromone Spray for Cats! This calming spray mimics the pheromone that a mother cat produces to calm and reassure her kittens. Serving as an effective cat calming aid, this pheromone spray helps to alleviate stress-induced behaviors in even the most finicky of felines. This calming spray features an inviting lavender and chamomile scent; a soothing fragrance. Effective and long-lasting, this spray is effective and versatile enough for use at home and on the go to help your kitty with fearful or stressful situations. When it comes to the health and well-being of their favorite feline friends, pet parents want the best for their cats to keep them happy and healthy. Alleviate your cat's stress-induced behaviors, such as inappropriate marking and excessive meowing, with this soothing and calming, lavender chamomile-scented pheromone spray from Sentry. Sentry Calming Pheromone Spray for CatsSentry Calming Pheromone Spray for CatsSentry Calming Pheromone Spray for Cats
Feline veterinary visits cause significant stress for cats, owners, and staff alike. A new study shows that feline facial pheromone spray may bring more cats to the clinic without all the drama. Many synthetic pheromones on the market today are geared towards calming and stress management. These mimic pheromones known as "facial pheromones." Cats often use these to mark their territory-particularly in new homes. Synthetic pheromones attempt to make the cat feel as though the territory is familiar, thus calming the cat and potentially reducing the need to spray or scratch. Some experts advocate the use of synthetic cat pheromones to treat spraying behavior. Cats spray for a wide variety of reasons, and while many can be addressed by simply altering the environment, other situations may require methods such as the use of synthetic pheromones to handle the problem. A pheromone spray can be used to reduce your cat's anxiety levels. Spraying some in her cage before stressful travel, on the veterinarians table, at a boarding place or in the rooms of a new house can play a significant role in acclimatizing your cat and making her feel secure. I recommend quite often in my practice. It is a product that releases something called a pheromone which helps to relieve stress and anxiety in cats. You can buy Feliway as a spray or as a diffuser (like a Glade Plugin). In this review, we'll look atwhat the scientific research says and also whay my personal experiences with the product are.Although each of the two manufacturers uses a different patented pheromone, there is no catfighting between them. To the contrary, says Larry Nouvel, a chemist who helped develop the Sergeant's collars, "I'd recommend that you use both." The collars mimic a soothing pheromone that mother cats emit while nursing, and Ceva's diffusers and sprays use a synthetic version of a facial pheromone—which cats leave behind when they rub their cheeks on furniture or people—that signals that the territory is safe and secure.