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PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is an excellent choice for cat owners looking for a low maintenance solution. The innovative system created by Petsafe works with a ringed litter bowl. The automatic cleaning system continually rotates around the ringed bowl. The arm makes one cleaning rotation an hour.

The unit works best with premium clumping litter and is great at eliminating litter box odors. You won’t need any special supplies with this self cleaning litter box, as the device can collect waste in any bag.
The best part is how easy it is to clean this device is. Just grab the bag of waste from the unit and dispose of it. Your hands will never get dirty. The Petsafe Simply Clean Auto Litter Box is perfect for cats up to 12 lbs, but larger cats don’t do well with it. Kittens should not use this litter box until over six months old.
Litter Boxes 100411: Petsafe Simply Clean Automatic Continuous Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning New - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $99.95 on eBay!
We’re really not sure if the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box can be rightfully called an automatic cat litter system because it simply doesn’t involve any electronics at all. There are no complicated circuitry, no lights, no timers, and definitely no rake systems and other mechanical systems that help separate your pet’s wastes from the clean litter. What it does involve, however, is plain old muscle. Yes, to operate the Omega Paw, you have to roll it on its side so that the waste clumps will go directly to the removable scoop. The clean litter is sifted and filtered for recycling. Once you have collected the waste, you simply roll the Omega Paw back to its original position and dispose of the waste in the scoop. Do take note that the Omega Paw works best with silica and clumping litters but not so much with pine pellets. Litter Boxes 100411: Petsafe Simply Clean Automatic Continuous Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning New - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $99.95 on eBay!Always have a clean litter box for your cat with this PetSafe Simply Clean automatic kitty litter box.Unboxing and demonstrating ScoopFree Automatic Cat Litterbox by Petsafe.
Unlike some automatic litter trey designs on the market today the Petsafe litter system is set lower to the ground for easy access for all cats to reach. It’s obvious that the design of this cat box in considerate to all cats and I could easily see this unit being easily adapted by any cat who is use to a conventional waste box.The system is automatically set to wait 10 minutes before the scooping process starts and it also comes with its own back-up battery in case you’re suddenly cut off of electricity. Lastly, there’s a manual option, which allows you to manually use the detachable and easily cleanable rake. Among PetSafe’s best cat-related products is their Simply Clean self-cleaning litter box.The unit comes with no additional attachments or supplies that need to be purchased.
Petsafe have made it optional for putting a mat underneath the Litter box to , however there is no need to buy a branded mat as there are many alternatives in which case you can pick up a cheap mat at your local store for under $10. This automatic cat box is a wonderful unit for cat owners needing a quick and smart solution to their litter box problems. There is no need for additional attachments or supplies like some of the other self cleaning litter boxes on the market.When putting the petsafe litter box to the test with my own pet I noticed immediately that the unit is very effective in its cleaning routines, making sure the litter was fully cleaned for my cats next use.
That being said I did have a little issue with the speed of the cleaning process, it takes around 30 minutes to complete the entire hourly cleaning cycle which to me, is a little long. However the PetSafe self cleaning box gets it done and I have seen great results so far.Blind Fold TestingResults
I have left the the Simply Clean litter system without checking it for 5 days, I literally ignored it completely and I let my cats do their business, however if I did smell old cat feces or urine I would then intervene to see how the unit was performing.I found that the Pet safe litter tray handled my cat’s toilet routine very well, I came back to it on the Friday (after 5 days) and the waste receptacle was a little less than half full and all the litter had been processed from the litter tray.
Through that week alone i did not experience any bad odor which brings be to say that the unit is a top quality unit for the price tag.Click to see the

Possibly the feline's new secret weapon for hedging out the canine as man's best friend, this automatic, self-cleaning litter box is always fresh, odor-free and ready for use.

Working around the clock, the Simply Clean litter box is the only cat litter system that cleans and removes waste continuously and automatically. The system is quiet and simple to use, and even cleans without disturbing the cat while she's taking care of business

The litter box rotates slowly (once every 24 hours) while an internal filtering system pans scat out of the kitty litter, and conveyers it away into a hopper lined with a recycled plastic shopping bag. That means all you've gotta do is close the bag and discard. No more holding your breath while you dump the litter box contents into a trash bag.

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