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Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Pet Kennel Dog and Cat Carrier Crate NEW
Who says you can't have fashion & function in a carrier? The Petmate Curvations Pet Retreat offers safe, luxurious, & reliable transport in a modern design to please even the most discriminating pets & pet owners. Ideal for cats & small dogs that want to travel in style, Curvations is your pet's relaxing retreat with all the comforts of home.
Cat Carrier:Petmate Pet Porter Fashion Kennel, For Pets 15 to 20 Pounds, Wheat/Coffee Grounds Brown
Went this morning to send some cats to a friend via Delta. I had new Petmate carriers reinforced with ties since I do not entirely trust the snap/clips. I was told that since last week the rules for ALL AIRLINES have changed and only those carriers with screw type fasteners will be accepted for shipping by air. It cost me about $54 for each carriers from the airline. I will be checking with other airlines to confirm this information but for those breeders shipping in the near future I suggest you check with the cargo desk (not reservations – they do not seem to be fully informed) before you go to the airport. Portable Pet Kennel Carrier 2 Door Small Dog Cat Crate Cage Travel House Puppy #PetmateWe are delighted to have in stock the 2 door top loading pet carrier for cats and dogs manufactured by US Pet Giant Petmate.Cat Carriers & Crates | Compass Kennels by Petmate
The Petmate 2-Door Kennel is ideal for small pet transport as well as housetraining puppies and toy breeds. Featuring an attractive, contemporary design and sturdy steel wire and plastic construction, the 2-Door Kennel is as attractive as it is versatile. Standard door on front of carrier is complemented by the larger roof-door, making it easier to transport difficult and anxious pets and is especially useful for cats. Carrier measures 19.4 x 12.8 x 10-inches. Suitable for pets up to 10-Lbs. Color may vary.My only beef with this carrier is that it's not big enough for my 3 dogs! This is for dogs or cats 10 pounds (or so) and under. Please, Petmate, make a larger size! I want to use this with my furry friends.Thank you PetMate for finally innovating the pet carrier – I had a basic hard one for years that had a top load and side load (PetMate double door deluxe)… I still use it for the foster cats, since it is helpful to have the two loading options and easier to sanitize. I realized my own cat, Bradley, liked to “see” out when we traveled I was able to find the Petmate Look ‘N See – which is designed for the pet to view everything. So glad to finally see some practical and fashionable options!Hi Nancy,
The carrier you linked to is a Petmate Brand not Pet Buddy and the website is they are located in Arlington TX here in the USA. They are a huge company but they really specialize in Hard Sided Carriers and have recently started selling the softsided maybe about 4 years ago +/-…Even though this carrier can be stored easily, it is still very sturdy like a hard carrier, so your furry one will feel very secure. When I received this carrier I had it for the intention of using it with my cats, but the box said it was for dogs. After talking with petmate, I was assured that this product is safe for both dogs and cats. The weight limit is 5-15 pounds on this carrier, so it is geared for your smaller pets. Hi
My cat is going to be traveling with me soon on a plane back to the US. I have brought a Petmate Vari Ultra kennel for her to travel in. Do you know if this is too big? Or if there are any restrictions on a cat being in a large carrier? I wanted for her to be able to move about if needed. Also we have a long car journey after the flight.
Thanks for your help.