Mar 18, 2007 - Petguard Cat Food Recall ..

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As of last night, I stopped feeding the PetGuard. None of my cats have thrown up today, not even my 21-year-old. I shall be returning the remainder of this PetGuard Food. I believe there is something wrong with it. I don't know if it's just this formula or more. Previously, I was feeding some of the PetGuard Chicken and Venison formulas, too. If you are feeding any PetGuard Foods, please pay close attention to your animals. If any of them seems to be feeling "off" in any way, I would suggest stopping the PetGuard and see if they improve. I believe my cats have been sick from this food. One of my weaker cats died very recently. I am now wondering if the PetGuard Food I was feeding him was the cause.
Top 3 Complaints and Reviews about Petguard Pet Food
Karin – even organic does not mean sufficient quality ingredients. PetGuard, a formerly fine food for both dogs and cats, now has an organic formula but the inclusion of certain grains has depreciated the value of this food. Slapping the organic label on a can or bag is just not sufficient anymore. Read the label and learn the meaning of the ingredients. And also don’t believe that a food now sufficient in nutrients will remain so. Far too many companies are cutting costs by lowering previously high standards. You must keep on reading the labels to protect your pets. Mar 21, 2017 - If your favorite brand of cat food averages two recalls every five years, ..PetGuard: Organic Pet Food, Natural dog food, healthy cat foodOrganic pet food for dogs and cats made with natural healthy ingredients by PetGuard.