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We offer only the best Pet Steps and Stairs to fit all ages, sizes, and agility levels. Used by cats and dogs for beds, sofas, chairs, cars, trucks, vans, decks, doggy doors and many other places. If they are physically able to climb normal stairs, some dogs prefer the stability and familiarity of pet steps which often require less space than ramps to reach the same height. For help determining whether Pet Ramps or Pet Stairs will work best for your dog or cat, please read our resource guide:
On Sale are these gorgeous 18 inch high pet ramps built specially for you cats and dogs.
Pet steps for cats are a great alternative for pets familiar with, and agile enough to use, human stairs. When shopping for pet steps for cats, consider the rise or height of each step. The cat stairs you purchase should be similarly sized to your home steps. Cats prefer deep steps, that are roomy for easy maneuverability. Pet stairs for cats can take up less space than ramps, which makes them more ideal for smaller rooms. The primary benefit to cat steps is that they provide an easy way to get up and down from beds, sofas, chairs and other high spots in your household. If your feline friend is in her senior years, jumping may be too painful for her joints. Cat stairs can ease the pressure on your precious pet’s joints, making it easier for her to enjoy cuddling with you in bed or on the sofa. The Armarkat Pet Steps in Ivory are the perfect steps for your cat. Your cat can play, scratch, sleep, exercise and climb with this stylish cat staircase. Solvit Pet Ramps are portable and easily stored thanks to their bi-fold functionality. Simply pull out your Solvit pet ramp when your kitty’s ready to climb in or out of your bed or car, then fold it back up for easy storage. For shorter distances, consider the Pet Gear easy pet step. This single step makes shorter distances even easier to climb. Whether you are looking for stylish cat steps for your pretty kitty, or a ramp for your senior cat, Chewy has what you need. Makes life easier for your precious pet and their joints with cat stairs from Chewy. Ramps and Stairs 116389: Pet Gear Easy Step Iii Stairs 3 Step For Cats And Dogs Up 150 Pounds Chocolate - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $75.01 on eBay!Ramps and Stairs 116389: Portable Folding 2-In-1 Animal Pet Ramp And Stairs For Dogs Cats Pet Steps Ladder BUY IT NOW ONLY: $38.0Ramps and Stairs 116389: Pet Gear Cat Dog Step Stairs Easy Bed Ramp Ladder Steps For Small Dogs And Cats - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $35.99 on eBay!
This is our selection of pet stairs. Here you will find pet step stairs with 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6 steps. With different width and number of steps, our ramps are suitable for kittens, small and average cats and even for small dogs. They will help your pets reach their favorite places and will provide great entertainment for them. Some of the pet stairs have a footprint similar to that of household stairs and can support even the largest dogs.Lightweight ,Full Size, Bi-fold Simple, Folding Design 62" Pet Ramp, Large or Small Pets up to 200 Lbs, Ramps for Dogs ,Cats - Use for Cars, Suv, Trucks - Easy to Use, Lifetime WarrantySmart Telescoping 70" Pet Ramp - Holds up to 250 Lbs - For Large or Small Pets - Extends 42" to 70" - Shur-foot Tread Surface Ramps for Dogs or Cats - Use for Cars, Suv, Trucks, LorryWith that in mind, some cat owners will prefer to start with steps and then advance to a ramp later on - and others will go directly to ramps when the need first arises. Cats love both the Pet Steps and ramps, so your decision should be based on current age, overall health and ability, life expectancy and the financial impact of purchasing multiple products (steps, then ramps) versus a single solution for life (ramps). Every situation is unique so there's no simple answer to this question. But we've highlighted below many of the features, options and differences between steps and ramps to help you decide what's best for your pet. We've also included issues unique to dogs vs. cats, as they tend to be somewhat different.Cats in general seem to have less difficulty in adapting to dog ramps or pet steps because they are naturally comfortable with heights and climbing, but these training techniques would apply if you need to train your cat.