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All CANIDAE and FELIDAE ingredients are of U.S. origin . . . We pride ourselves on making only the highest quality, all natural pet foods using the finest ingredients available that meet or exceed the nutrient profiles as established by the AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles.
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In the middle of a session, pet therapist Katherine Heigl asks a cat named Tiffany why she went "dookie" on her owner Eric's pillow. The feline informs Heigl that she needs a better-smelling litter box, no dust and stronger clumps with a meow. After relaying the message to Eric, Heigl informs him that he should get Cat's Pride Fresh & Light. Heigl also gives Eric insight as to why Tiffany keeps bringing him mice -- it is not out of love for her owner, it is to terrify the dog. Oct 72014 Posted at 2:04 pm | Pet Stuff | Comment · Share Pin It · Cats Pride Cat Litter
I think that Pet Pride's cat litter is #1!!!! I have had 4 cats so far and have tried so many different kinds of cat litter. All the name brands try to get you to buy them, the packaging always says best for multiple cats, helps with order, great clumping and they just don't add up to their avertisement. They are horrible and do not help at all with the smell. No one loves a smelly cat box:( GROSS!!! Pet Pride packaging doesn't have any false claims. After trying so many of the other name brands I was willing to try a alternative store brand and their price was lower too. It is by far the best cat litter I have bought in the last 10yrs. It totally cuts out the odor, isn't much dust flying up at you when you add it to a fresh litter box either. I suggest it to all cat owners I know and shoppers at Fry's when I see them searching for cat litter. The price can't be beat either!The one downside of cat ownership: the litter box. Luckily the cat litter from Cat's Pride will make your life much easier. Their litters not only limit odors, they are clumping for easy clean-up and scooping. Don't pay a premium for pet supplies when you can be getting great deals thanks to these Cat's Pride coupons.A: Cat’s Pride is proud to be the only cat litter recommended by the American Humane Association (AHA). Cat’s Pride products deliver safe and effective odor control without harmful chemicals or overpowering fragrances and without the use of captive live animal testing. Like us, the AHA is committed to the well-being of cats and pets across America.Bought a 8 lb bag of Pet Pride Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litter from Kroger Food store on sale for $9.99 . Nice size crystals with an occasion blue one. Ingredients on package say only Silica Sand, Water. Sounds pretty plain and unscented to me. Right from sealed bag, i placed 5 oz in a 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 container with crystals 1 1/2 inches deep. Placed that in a larger lock and lock container with a digital hydrometer. Humidity outside the house is 41 and inside in the 50's. The reading has increased to 66% and is staying there. My hydrometer usually reads 1% too high when calibrated. In my case, the Litter seems to be hydrated right from the bag for 65% at a temperature of 68 degrees. I guess they do this so you get 8 lbs but not of completely dry crystals. Good marketing scheme.The remaining shelves of this aisle’s right side are lined with cat food and litter. Many traditional cat food brands, including Fancy Feast, IAMS, Friskies, Meow Mix and Purina, are sold along with the Kroger-branded Pet Pride. The Pet Pride feline food line includes three-pound plastic containers of dry food, bags of dry food weighing three- to 15-pounds, three-ounce packets and cans of moist food, and 12-pouch or 24-can variety packs. The cat section ends with litter, deodorizer and box liners. Many recognizable litter brands are available, such as Tidy Cats, Fresh Step, Scoop Away, Arm & Hammer and Jonny Cat. Pet Pride litter options include an eight-pound bag of Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litter or 20- and 10-pound bags of standard multi-cat and scented litter.i love Ralphs for all my pet needs because the store has the best selection and the best sale prices! Wal Mart doesn't even compare with Ralphs sale prices on pet products. my cat loves Pet Pride cat litter sand, Raplhs is the only store that carries it; it has 2 kinds of the Pet Pride cat litter sand; this product is always on sale (when you are on a fixed income like i am those sale prices really help) and different sizes. the Cat treats are always on sale, much lower prices than Wal Mart too. there are many different brands of cat food there be it dry or wet. Ralphs has different food on sale every week. you just can't beat Ralphs prices and selections. Ralphs is the only store where i buy my cat products!