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When your fish get sick, it can be very difficult to determine whether their infection is fungal or bacterial. At Pets Plus, we carry antifungal and antibacterial products that’ve shown great success treating sick fish and eradicating these pathogens from aquariums. API’s Fungus Cure is very effective in treating fungal infections while their Triple Sulfa can eliminate a wide variety of bacterial infections. While these medications are both effective forms of treatment and can save your fish’s lives, using both puts undue stress on your fish’s gills so you want to narrow down which type of infection your fish has. Bringing a water sample in to have it tested allows you to treat your aquarium’s water with the right medicine, the first time.
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Pets Plus teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and numerous shelters to find homes for rescued puppies, dogs, cats and kittens that come from cruelty, neglect, and homelessness. These animals come from local shelters, in addition to shelters nationwide. A Cat With Six Legs?! See For Yourself - Photos Inside | PetPlus BlogPetAction and PetAction Plus flea and tick prevention and treatment for dogs and cats have the ..This Dog Cat Plus Mod adds in tons of cool pets that grow up that you can customize
Cats need specific nutrients from their diet including much higher protien content than dog require. Be sure your provide them with a natural, high quality food like those we stock here at Pets Plus.Typically, the pickup option is the less expensive alternative when both options are present, and PetPlus always defaults to the least expensive option. However, you are free to choose whatever option is most convenient. Once you have selected the medications and delivery options, simply proceed to checkout and place your order. Easy peasy. This Dog Cat Plus Mod adds in tons of cool pets that grow up that you can customize!
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This Minecraft Mod adds in a variety of pets that will help you fight. You can customize them in many ways including: naming them, textures, combat modes, & more. They also can store items for you, you can ride them, and grow up over time.

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Royalty Free Music by At Pets Plus, we specialize in providing you with fabulous pets and all of the pet supplies and services you need. Our selection of healthy pets includes small animals (such as chinchillas and hamsters) reptiles, birds, fish, dogs and cats. We provide a vast selection of pet supplies, ranging from bird food to exercise wheels. And your pet can even be groomed at our store in Taylor Mill, KY. Pets Plus offers a huge selection of premium, all-natural dog and cat foods for local pet owners in Billerica, Tewksbury, and the surrounding areas. We carry a variety of dry, canned, raw, freeze-dried, holistic, and grain-free foods for your dog or cat. Our pet supplies also include bowls, dishes, and everything you need to feed your fish, reptiles, and small animals. In addition to the foods listed below, there are many other brands which we can special order so don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re searching for those hard-to-find items. We’ll do our best to make sure your dog or cat gets the very best nutrition available!