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The Ani-Mate company produces electronic pet doors for cats and small dogs
Cat Mate Electromagnetic is a cat door that gives your pet the freedom to exit and enter the house as many times he/she wants, enjoying the outdoor and relieving you from the “doorman” duty.
Cat Mate 307 Elite Cat Door Flap - Locking Cat Door - Pet Doors - The Cat Mate 307 Elite Cat Flap is a manual, self-framing cat fl
Only Power Pet fully automatic electronic dog and cat doors give you the level of professional engineering, safety and security for doors, walls patio doors and French doors and allow you to integrate with other electronic pet supplies for a complete automated pet care system. All this while adding a beautiful show piece to your home that will give you and your pet something to howl about! Cat Mate 210 Screen / Glass Fitting Cat Door - Screen Pet Door - The Cat Mate 210 Glass / Screen Fitting Cat Door is designed forCat Mate 307 Elite Cat Door Flap - Locking Cat Door - Pet Doors - The Cat Mate 307 Elite Cat Flap is a manual, self-framing cat flPet Doors Cat Mate 303 Wall Liner for Cat Mate 234 & 235: The Wall Liner for Cat Mate Is Used to Frame Out a Wall For a Cat Mate C
As you can see, the main problem with pet doors are the chance encounters with wild animals. No matter how safe you are, there is always the chance of a stray raccoon coming in through the door, but the main conclusion from reviewing both Cat Mate and Petsafe is that they are quality companies that provide top-notch pet doors. You can browse the that best fit your needs in our cat door selection.

The Cat Mate 4 way Lockable cat flap is recommended for cats up to 12 lbs. with an opening of 5 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches high. This cat door is economically priced and designed to be installed in thin doors up to 2 inches in thickness. Two inch tunnel extensions are available for thicker doors and wall installations. The 4 way locking feature allows you to control your pets access in and out of your home. The flap is lined with pile brush material to ensure a positive seal. A magnet is embedded into the bottom of the flap to keep the flap closed when not in use. The flap is constructed of transparent plastic which is preferred by most cats. These flaps are replaceable but rarely need replacing. The durable plastic frame will withstand most weather conditions. The Animate 4 way lockable cat flap comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.Gouptec Pet Mate 4 Way Locking Lockable Magnetic Cat Flap White Pet Door With Liner M Medium Brown >>> Check out the image by visiting the link.The Cat Mate is a one of the lowest cost locking doors. The collar contains a magnet that hangs down from the collar. As it gets close to the sensor, the door unlatches with a click and the pet can proceed in. The electric lock only works in one direction (coming in from the outside) and the pet has free access to go out anytime.
Review summary: The Cat Mate is a well built unit and has been reliable. The Cat Mate is recommended as a good value, but you may prefer the extra features and sensor range if you have the budget for one of the more expensive electronic pet doors. Glass Fitting Cat Flap Pet Mate £21.95 Details: 210W GLASS FITTING 4-WAY LOCKING CAT FLAP WHITE The attractive circular styling of this 4-Way locking flap is popular for wooden panel doors in addition to glass and acrylic. It is particularly recommended for single/double glazing and very thin panels/screens. Self lining to 1"1/4" (30mm) thick - ideal for all single/double glazing and any panel from 0-30mm thick.