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Proper identification protects your cat. Get pet tags, name tags and cat id for your cat's collar.
All of our dog and cat tags are manufactured locally in upstate NY, and we produce all of our tags in your choice of materials, including aluminum, brass and stainless steel. We produce our tags with your pets in mind - they are built to last and perfect for hanging on your pet's collar for identification no matter where your pet goes. Don't miss all of our , too, including everything you need to attach your ID tag to your pet's collar.
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It’s National Pet ID Week 2017 from April 16th to April 22nd and we’re helping to spread awareness about the importance of pets wearing ID tags and having microchips. National Pet ID week is a perfect reminder for pet parents to protect their furry family members and ensure that they have current, clear and readable ID tags or any other form of identification to aid them in finding their way home should they becomes lost. Laser engraved pet identification tags - Order Form - 500 LabelsEngraved Pet Tags | Pet Identification Tags | MuttropolisPet Identification Tags on Global Sources
At Ketchum Mfg., we offer pet ID tags that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match every pet identification need. If you are shopping for a cat, you will find that our smaller animal ID tags or even our will be the perfect fit for your animal. If it's a dog you're looking to identify, try our larger tags or our specialty and . If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know about the importance of ID tags. Having identification and contact information securely attached to your pet’s neck makes it much more likely that you'll get your furry family member back if he decides to take off on a solo adventure.
CALL MY PEOPLE Pet Tag Vintage Inspired Pet Tags by Sycamore Hill, $16.00 DOG COLLAR TAG HORSE HALTER TAG HANDMADE HANDSTAMPED. You choose FONT, metal and shape. custom i.d. tags. personalized identification tagIt is important to introduce your pet gradually to anything new, including a collar. Start without tinkling tags or jingling bells. Place the properly fitted collar on your pet for 10 minutes or, if the pet does not appear to object, for a few supervised hours. Reward the pet with a treat and playtime and remove the collar. Replace and remove the collar multiple times over a few days, until your pet is comfortable and associates wearing the collar with great things — fun time with you! Repeat the process after adding identification and rabies-vaccination tags. A pet who has never worn a collar should not be left unsupervised until you are certain he or she has accepted it. A positive introduction to a collar will make your pet far more comfortable wearing one permanently.Other domestic animals need I.D. too! Any animal that has a chance of excaping its home should have an identification tag... cats, rabbits, horse halters, llamas, goats, even ferrets! Dogtags are also ideal for attaching to your pet's cage or kennel! that ID tags play an important role in bringing dogs home. Just as we carry identification in our wallets to help us navigate our human lives, our pets deserve the same safeguard.