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Hiring a pet sitter or having a friend come over to care for your cat is a great way for you to have the security of knowing your cat remains the most comfortable in her own surroundings. It’s bad enough that from her point of view her family has run off and disappeared without warning but at least she hasn’t lost her territory. Just having that security can make a big difference in whether your cat freaks out during your absence or whether she takes it in stride with minimal stress. For some cats, being placed in a boarding kennel, no matter how well run, is terrifying. Don’t get me wrong, there are some state-of-the-art boarding facilities that look better than many of the hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, but typically for a cat, nothing beats the familiarity of home. So if it’s in the budget, consider hiring an experienced pet sitter or work out an arrangement with a trusted friend or neighbor.
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Booked a room for vacation but the hotel has a strict no-pet-hamsters-allowed-policy? Tell your Hammie not to worry. We welcome all kinds of animals! Reserve a space at Paradise Pet Resorts for your best pal! Our facilities have separate areas for cats, birds, iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs, and yes, hamsters! Pet Friendly Hotels for Dogs + Cats Travel + LeisureA Five-Star Hotel Just for Cats - All Pet PostsPet Hotel For Cats‎
Leaving town for the weekend or extended trip? Treat your cats to a stay at one of LA’s most unique feline exclusive resort and spa, The Best Little Cat House. This cat hotel is the ultimate in pet care and pet sitting. There's also a Best Little Cat House in Burbank and Pasadena. Here, cats can enjoy the freedom of home, away from home, in our cage free playrooms. We know you take better care of your cats than most people. Don’t they deserve to be spoiled even when you’re out of town? We even have controllable web cameras so you can see your kitty from anywhere in the world, any time! We are converting to infra-red cameras so you can see our feline guests day or night. There is something retro in this new technology. It displays only in black and white so you won't see the colorful environment surrounding our guests using the new webcams. We thought you would prefer to share cats' night vision. Please feel free to stop by for a tour any time. You can also view pictures in our web gallery.Le Chateau Pet Resort, Spa, and Boutique will provide pets a fun-filled and relaxing vacation all their own when you must leave your special pet behind. Your pet will be pampered and loved in our all suite hotel uniquely designed for their comfort and enjoyment. The climate controlled dog suites include indoor/outdoor access to a private yard, raised comfortable beds, raised diners, and daily housekeeping. Pets get hours of playtime in our large grassy play yards with wading pools and plenty of exercise in our indoor gym. In-suite television to provide the sights and sounds of home and virtual visitation by web cam is also available. Cats will enjoy the aquarium view from their oversized condos and our secure outdoor cat enclosure to roll and play. Set on five acres in southwest Amarillo, Le Chateau is convenient and easily accessible between Coulter and Soncy Roads inside Loop 335 on 77th Avenue.Your cat’s vacation at Paradise Pet Hotel will feel like home away from home. Our spacious cat condos are located in a space separate from the dogs, ensuring they enjoy as stress-free a stay as possible. Each of our 16 individual cat condos contains its own litter box, food, water, and comfortable accommodations.Our unique kitty condo provides spacious accommodations. Each condo has two levels, allowing your cat plenty of room to stretch, play, relax and sleep. Please stop by for a tour of our unique pet hotel and see why we are so proud of our great dog and cat boarding facility and our reputation.At ALL STAR PET RESORT cuddles come free for all our cats! Placed away from the kennels, our cozy cat boarding condos provide a safe, spacious and comfortable stress – free environment. They are ideal for two cats boarding together. Amenities include: