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Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers for Dogs and Cats.
The market is responding to this growing awareness of the upsides of cat grooming with a wealth of products designed to pamper and freshen up. From between-bath sprays and wipes to feline-friendly shampoos to clippers, cat grooming products are finally finding their way on to pet specialty stores shelves. Among the most important tools for retailers to stock for their feline-owning shoppers are nail clippers and trimmers. Thomas points out that as fewer cat owners are opting to de-claw their cats, there is particularly a greater demand for products that safely and effectively trim or clip claws. “Owners are looking for easy-to-use, quality tools that won’t hurt their pets,” she says, adding that Coastal’s Safari Nail Trimmer is the company’s No. 1 selling tool in the cat category.
- Great helper for you: this pet nail clipper is an easy-to-use pet grooming tool for medium and large dogs and cats
It might be true that dog owners have it a bit easier compared to cat lovers when it comes to trimming their little friends hair. Cats are easier to disturb with loud clippers. But if you are grooming pets for money, you may as well run into traumatized dogs who simply refuse to be groomed with cheap and noisy clippers. Imagine how embarassing it would be to have your first client dissapointed because his dog would jump all over your grooming table because your dog hair trimmer is loud as hell. Like i said, the fact that dogs have thicker hair requires a powerfull motor. And Powerful motors are usually very noisy. Only good product design and quality clipper components ensure a smooth grooming. So who is the winner here? Our JW Pet Nail Clipper for Cats & Dogs are Used by Professional Groomers to Maintain Nails at a Comfortable Length Handles are Sh10 results - Checkout Huge Stock Of Best Pet Grooming Clippers, Blades For Dogs, Cats And Other PetsThe Most Crucial Tip for Shaving Your Cat Yourself: Don't - Catster
Cropal Pet Grooming Clippers, Quite Rechargeable Dog and Cat Grooming Clippers Cordless for Small Medium & Large Dogs, Cats and Other House Pets (silver/black)HPYP Rechargeable Cordless Pets Electric Hair Clippers Low Noise Dogs Cats Grooming Trimming Tool Kits for DogsandCats ** Tried it! Love it! Click the image. : Dog clippersSENWOW Rechargeable Cordless Pets Electric Hair Clippers Low Noise Dogs Cats Grooming Trimming Tool Kits with Comb Guides for Small, Medium, Large Dogs CatsRechargeable Electric Grooming Clippers Cordless for Dogs Cats - Professional Pet Hair Clippers with Comb Guides for Dogs Cats and Other House Animals,Pet Grooming Kit -- Remarkable product available now. : Cat productsHPYP Rechargeable Cordless Pets Electric Hair Clippers Low Noise Dogs Cats Grooming Trimming Tool Kits for DogsandCats ** Tried it! Love it! Click the image. : Dog clippersThe grooming kit contains 13 pieces. All components are contained in a hard storage case with convenient handles. The Deluxe Pet-pro groomer kit includes four clipper guide combs in increments up to .5 inch. A protective blade guard is included for added safety. The Pet-pro clipper blades are carbon steel for durability and longevity. Other grooming accessories are included as well, such as a pair of scissors, styling comb, and hand mirror. The Pet-pro kit additionally provides a cleaning brush and blade oil for proper maintenance of the clipper and blades. For consumers who may be less familiar with cat grooming, an instructional DVD is also included. The Deluxe Series Pet-pro is ideal for trimming and touch-ups for cats with fine to medium-length fur.
It is good to get your cat used to grooming from an early age. Shaving, trimming and clipping, is required for long haired cats. Pet salons offer these services but there are also products you can buy to be able to do it yourself at home. Here are Top 10 Professional Cat Grooming Clippers Reviews 2016 that should help you chose one which is suitable for you and your cat.With high standards and the latest grooming technologies, Jimminy Clippers is able to offer customers and their pets a safe and comfortable grooming experience. By always striving to continue her education, Cathy is a Certified Master Groom (CMG), Certified Companion Animal Hygienist (CCAH), and Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG). Through her expertise she can also assist customers in learning how to maintain their cat’s coat at home as well!