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All our groomers are fully licensed, and will groom your pet to your specifications!
Allison worked as a dog bather for almost a year before she enrolled in a grooming academy, where she was taught specific breed trims and the importance of safety and handling techniques. Her continuing education involved the completion of a portfolio of more than 100 grooms with specific trims, which were evaluated by grooming experts. Allison graduated and eventually became a salon manager before becoming an academy instructor. After 10 years as a professional stylist, Allison started grooming pets at the Kentucky Humane Society's Fern Creek Pet Resort, where she has been for more than a year.
Honey Pets certified cat groomers will take care of your cat or kitten personally making the grooming experience more enjoyable.
It's a good idea to include a massage as part of the regular grooming of an elderly cat. Massage helps to maintain flexibility in the joins and ensure better blood flow to boost circulation. Pet massage therapists are becoming more popular, with pet massages being done at pet spas as well as at home. About twenty basic massage and touch techniques are used, including Swedish massage, shiatsu, Thai, reflexology, Reiki, and acupressure. Although pet massage therapists draw from all these modalities, the most common techniques employed come from Swedish massage, which uses long and flowing strokes designed to increase circulation and blood flow and to limber up joints and relax tense muscles. Keep your animals well groomed and happy with pet services from Charlie's Place, A Pet Spa and Boutique located in Gainesville, FL.Unlike human hairstylists, professional pet groomers don't need certification. So it's important to be discerning when choosing a groomer.Of course our full service pet grooming salon catering to all breeds of cats and dogs continues to be open Tuesday – Saturday 9am to 5pm.
Keeping your dog or cat clean and comfortably groomed is not only important for the sake of good hygiene but it is also a basic element in the care needed to keep your pet happy and healthy. Dirt, dander, and skin oil can build up and cause itching and matting. Fleas, ticks and other pests can cause irritation and disease. Foxtails and thorns can cause sores or infection. Build up of dirt and yeast in the ears can cause odor and redness.
Does your dog need grooming? Do your cat’s nails need a trim? Bring your dog or cat to Paws & Effect Pet Grooming where we treat your pets like our own and meet all your pet grooming needs.Companion Grooming & Cat Lodging in Roseburg, OR provides pet grooming services and cat lodging. We have over 30 years of experience in this business. Our shop is conveniently located next to Companion Animal Clinic. Big or small pets, we do them all.Groomers' Credentials
David Walter, world-renowned groomer and owner of Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming, trained at the New York School of Dog Grooming in Manhattan. His book Dog Grooming and Pet Care: Doing It With Style, emphasizes the importance of grooming safety and skillful techniques. This book was featured in the nationally published Globe magazine with a half-page story.Have your cat or dog pampered by the top grooming technicians in the valley using all-natural, organic products. It's our goal to have each pet as comfortable as possible during their stay and return looking as sassy on the outside as they feel on the inside.It's one thing to tell you about our pet grooming but you probably want to see what we can do, too. Visit our to form an idea of how we can give your dogs or cats that extra special care so that they will maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance.