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In general professional grooming services for dogs and cats are a luxury for show dogs and cats or pets with long coats. However, the value of regular brushing, nail clipping and teeth cleaning has benefits beyond best-in-show status. The question is: How to choose a pet groomer?
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Paw Prints of Harlem is a luxury pet spa and boutique looking for an experienced dog groomer for a full-time and part-time position with room for growth. The candidate must have excellent scissoring skills, customer service skills and a genuine concern for dogs, cats and their health. Cat grooming experience and bilingual are a plus. Candidate must be a team player, have a genuine interest in creative styling and must have fun while working. E-mail your resume with your complete contact information and pictures of your work. Aussie Pet Mobile East Idaho | Mobile Grooming for Cats & DogsPet Grooming Tools: The Best Ones For Dogs And Cats | HuffPostAussie Pet Mobile of Walnut Creek | Mobile Grooming for Cats & Dogs
We can handle most cats safely. We have a number of cats who tolerate grooming well, and the owners do not have to get sedatives. However, if cats are extremely difficult or aggressive, pet owners will need to get sedatives from the veterinarian, at a cost of about $1 per pill. But remember, the veterinarian may want to examine the cat before prescribing the tranquilizer.You can determine if your cat needs sedatives by considering whether it hisses, shows signs of aggression, or becomes scared, panicky, and difficult to control when you are handling, traveling, or going to the veterinarian with him. One cat sent his owner to the hospital when the cat bit him and punctured an artery in his arm.
Approximately 40,000 people are bitten by cats in the US annually. Talking gently or cuddling a pet during the grooming (whether by owner or groomer) will not help the situation for a difficult-to-handle animal once the clipping is in progress. The cat's body must be stretched to keep the skin taut and moved in different positions in order to clip safely without cuts or nicks. Besides seriously biting or clawing someone, an uncontrollable cat can escape from an owner's or groomer's hold and run anywhere in the building where they will be difficult to catch, especially if they are trying to bite.

Some pet owners refer to difficult- to- handle or aggressive animals with cute phrases. Others believe if they pretend to not know the animal’s behavior they are not responsible for injuries to groomers at any shop. Getting bit is not part of a groomer’s job.

You must pay cash on arrival for any grooming service. For any clipping and/or bathing service, we start by clipping the nails, and if the cat seems too difficult to handle we refund the money. However, if we are able to clip all the nails completely, $15 is deducted for the nail clipping service. This is what we charge for nail clipping as a sole service.

We deal with many fine customers and do not want the business of the few people who have a combative attitude. We assume that the cat is the customer's pet, so we will not get an unpredictable cat out of his cage if he is frightened or the customer is scared of him.

If a pet owner tells us the cat is gentle, we have to believe he is honest and knows the cat's behavior, and we will attempt to groom the cat. However, if the animal becomes difficult midway through the grooming, the owner will have to help control him. So if the owner thinks this will be the case, he should get sedatives ahead of time. Dog's Best Friend & The Cat’s Meow currently has an opening for the position of Master Groomer at its Albany establishment. currently has an opening for the position of Master Groomer at its Albany establishment. The job duties for the position are to prepare and engage in daily pet grooming services, including handling, bathing, stripping, and scissoring hair coats of pets (dogs and cats). Participate and represent the company in dog shows, grooming training seminars, and demonstrate grooming techniques and skills. Communicate to customers to ensure customers’ companion pets in show quality coats. Prepare and provide training and seminar instructions to educate customers and other pet groomers with advanced grooming skills which are essential for the maintenance and presentation of show dogs and less common breeds.. Even with the move to management, Chrissy never stopped working with animals and still finds the most happiness in helping pets. In recent years, she has taken a special interest in feline friendly handling techniques and reducing stress in cats during veterinary visits. This is one of the reasons why she chose to and is so excited about transitioning to mobile grooming for cats.