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That being said, by-products are not all created equally. Some by-products are highly nutritious; some are next to worthless. Reputable cat food companies choose quality by-products to include in their foods. Choosing a pet food company you can trust is an important consideration when it comes to pet foods that contain by-products.
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Two months ago, I purchased, through Amazon, 4 cases of the Limited Ingredient Diet, Real Chicken Recipe. The first 4 cases were great, good moisture and color of the product. My cats loved it. Cost per case, $33.08. The next 4 cases that I purchased for this month are not good. Dry, very little moisture, a dark color and does not smell well at all. My cats will not eat it. So THAT puts me into a bind, thought I had a good source of quality food, NOT... Being I am low income, I am stuck with 3 and one half cases, $115.78 worth of useless canned cat food. I will be contacting Amazon to see if I can return these and get a credit. Merrick was a good choice for cat food, years ago but being they have sold out to the Nestle corporation I truly doubt they care about pet health and only about MONEY. Orijen (Cat & Kitten) | Pet Food RatingsRegal Cat Bites | Pet Food RatingsCat Food Reviews, Ratings and Analysis 2017 - Pet Food Talk
I definitely recommend at least some wet or fresh/raw food for cats. They tend to dehydrate easily because they don’t like standing bowl water… and chronic dehydration can also lead to urinary and bladder issues (especially bad for male cats). A pet water fountain can help encourage cats to drink more, though.GoodGuide encourages users to request new items for ratings, and Senior Director of Business Development Josh Saunders told that pet food is "by far the most requested category from our users," adding "no one has ever rated pet food like this before."Blue Buffalo Cat Food gets our highest rating of five stars. The company works with veterinarians and animal nutritionists to create wholesome pet foods that contain a blend of real meat, garden veggies, and whole … The for CatFoodReviews' dry cat food ratings illustrate the most important aspects of the domestic feline diet. The first suggestion for consumers is that they carefully examine the first five ingredients included within the product's ingredient listing. Cats require a certain amount of protein derived from animal sources. Although there is conflicting information on the Internet regarding the ideal diet for cats, and some pet owners have traversed the road of vegetarianism for their felines, research and observation have shown that cats are carnivores. Pet Food Ratings, do you have a response to the recent comments about the food? I’m currently in the market for a new dry food because what my cats are on is making their coats dull and coarse. A friend recommended Solid Gold to me because, like my male, her cat is prone to bladder crystals, but hasn’t had any problem on this brand of food.Regardless of health or age it’s true that a large contingent of cats fall into an average range where there aren’t a lot of special considerations an owner needs to make outside of budget. Our recommendations for the best cat food on this page are catered to that group of pet owners who value quality above all else. Consulting ratings such as those found on can introduce you to a variety of brands that may not be carried at your local supermarket, but they can be easily purchased on the web. However, try to avoid any dry cat food ratings that stake their reviews primarily on taste and claims of "kitty loves it!" Chemical flavoring agents can easily attract cats, but such ingredients are neither nutritious or helpful for your pet in the long run. Keeping your cat on a balanced diet is vital to their overall health and wellness. And because every cat is different, their food is available in many different textures, ingredients and flavors. So, how do you find the best cat food? Although there are several different types of cat food available, the most popular choices tend to be dry, wet, or grain-free cat food. While each type will provide your cat with a nutritious diet, one option may outshine the others when it comes down to your pet’s specific needs. The best way to decide is to consider your lifestyle, consult your vet, and check out reviews and ratings.