Petfusion Elevated Pet Feeder for Cats

Ergo Auto Pet Feeder small size for cats
The WOpets 2 is a simple 2 times a day feeder enabling a simple and temporary solution to pet owners looking for a feeder that would maintain their cats feeding time for a 24 hour period.
This unit is not suitable for long term hands free feeding but focuses on helping pet owners feed their pets while they are away for a day
Northmate Interactive Slow Pet Feeder for Cats
The has 10 smart functions – yes, 10! – that offer real time interaction, a remote control, smart light, health management, cloud service, offline feeding, and more. One of the main reasons why we love this product, though, is that it’s perfect for both dogs and cats. Most often, pet feeders are appropriate for one pet or the other, but the Hoison works for both. The reason why is because the food holder is the appropriate size for cats, whereas other products can be too large. Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats & Dogs - Feed And GoAutomatic Pet Feeders for Cats & DogsBowls & Automatic Feeders for Dogs and Cats- 1800PetMeds
As a vet I have my concerns about the use of automatic pet feeders if people use them as an excuse to go on holidays and leave their furry friends unattended. I see too many blocked cats that have suffered because their owners missed that they weren’t using the litter tray. That being said, almost 50% of our pets are overweight and many of my clients are sick of me nagging them and really struggle to. This is where I really see the potential for an automatic feeder like the .Of course the limitation with the automatic feeders is that you can’t store meat or wet food in there. As a vet I am a big advocate of raw meat and high protein foods for cats. Most dry food is incredibly calorie dense and has a much higher carbohydrate composition than is ideal for cats. When selecting a dry food, find one that has as much meat protein as possible, definitely not corn, soy or other grains first on the list of ingredients. The Petnet(io) SmartFeeder technology can also help with food selection. It is connected to a database of thousands of pet foods and can help you choose foods that are higher in meat protein and without fillers and artificial ingredients.This is where the automatic pet feeder comes into its own. There is no real magic to weight loss. Simply move more, eat less. But even for people this simple formula can be troublesome. The traditional hunter that would sleep then hunt has been replaced by a sedentary being who no longer needs to do those short bursts of hunting activity up to 7 times daily to survive. The most exercise many cats get is walking to the food bowl then seeking another sunny spot to rest in. Not ideal for the waistline.The dispenses 1/4 to 2 1/2 cups of dry cat food up to four times daily. A built-in sensor detects food that is already in the feeding tray, preventing overfilling, and the locking top stops bored cats from breaking into the stored food. The feeder's design reduces the chances of clogging, allowing pet owners to set and forget the feeder without a worry. Doting kitty owners can also record a six-second personal message for their feline friend. With fresh "D" batteries and enough food, the Qpets AF-100 is programmable and good to go for three months. Long work hours and busy schedules need no longer prevent you from implementing consistent, portion controlled feeding of your cat(s) or . Simply the best appliance of its kind, the Perfect Petfeeder delivers a worry-free solution to pet-parents who value quality, in combination with thoughtful, efficient design, allowing you to easily program a diet customized for your pet's optimum health, and to make adjustments as they mature. Every unit comes equipped to feed dry food to 1 or 2 pets, with and benefits that surpass expectations.

But many American cats and dogs are facing some of the same dietary/fitness issues as their owners. Pet obesity is on the rise, especially when many owners keep pet bowls and feeders topped off with kibbles for their cats or dogs to graze on throughout the day. Think about it, if you worked with a plate of your favorite sandwiches on your desk, would you be able to say "no"? I'd certainly be tempted to have "just one more, don't mind if I do!".

Of course, pet owners aren't intentionally trying to overfeed their dogs or cats. We often leave a "little more" as a treat, sometimes out of guilt when we're away at work or off for a day/weekend trip without our faithful tailed companion. But in time, all those extra treats and feeding opportunities add up, and pets can exhibit some of the same health/dietary issues plaguing their bipedal counterparts. Because our pets cannot speak, they can't clearly communicate what might be ailing them...and the source of those ailments might be sourced to your feeding habits.

According to a , out of the 171 million cats and dogs we include as family in our households, an estimated 93 million US dogs and cats are overweight or obese. That's a staggering figure with even more sobering effects: