peg plus cat toys - Google Search

peg plus cat toys - Google Search
Peg + Cat, a math-focused animated program joined PBS KIDS in 2013. It follows the problem-solving adventures of the titular Peg and her blue-colored pet cat. Through engaging stories punctuated with slapstick, songs, humor and whimsical characters, Peg + Cat teaches pre-school viewers fundamental pre-math skills such as shapes, measurement and patterns. We are proud to include a wide range Peg plus Cat merchandise including Peg + Cat personalized clothes, backpacks, DVDs and more! New stuff is always being added to our shops, so check back often for new Peg + Cat toys, apparel, decor, and more!
peg plus cat toys - Google Search
If you want to increase the challenge for your cat, try this activity center that features five different brain-teasing games. The first game is a simple fishbowl that your cat must dig a treat or toy out of. The second is a peg game that lets cats figure out how to maneuver the treat out of the maze. The third are small squares meant for liquid treats. The fourth game is a series of waves cats must fish treats from. The fifth game is a long tube which would be good for toys and treats alike. The bowls twist off for easy cleaning, and the entire unit is dishwasher safe. The rubber feet keep it from moving around, even on non-carpeted floors. peg plus cat toys - Google Searchpeg plus cat toys - Google SearchRichard is a sensitive young space alien. Peg and Cat love to visit his planet because he’s got the coolest hi-tech toys.
Wading Through Soup: Fun With Felt. Felt toys of Pigeon Wants A Cookie, Berenstain Bears, Peg + Cat, Daniel Tiger, Are You My Mother and Maisy MousePeg and Cat Full Episodes Game - On the Farm - Learn your Shapes with Peg and Cat!

Magical shape hunt. Let your kids watch this quick 2 minute short - learn about cylinder's and other shapes, and counting! Your kids will learn some basic counting with Peg and Cat!

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New Games Movies for Kids & Babies Every Day (SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Disney Movies, Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig, Toys, Team Umizoomi, Diego, My Little Pony and SO. MUCH. MORE.)As part of a deal inked with The Fred Rogers Company and 9 Story Media Group, Imports Dragon will introduce an assortment of plush, arts-and-crafts sets, games and wooden puzzles that will let young fans interact with their favorite characters from the show. The toys join a growing library of Peg + Cat books from Candlewick Press across multiple formats, as well as an expanding lineup of Peg + Cat DVDs from PBS Distribution in the U.S., eOne in Canada, ABC Commercial in Australia and Sony Music in Germany. We have not one but TWO Play-Doh surprise eggs today! We just had to because how could we make PEG - CAT?! It's PEG + CAT! They go together just like Play-Doh and Surprise Eggs!

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Pittsburgh, PA -- and 9 Story Media Group have appointed Imports Dragon as global master toy partner for Peg + Cat, the Emmy Award-winning animated PBS KIDS series. Under the new agreement, Imports Dragon will translate some of the top-rated show’s characters, along with its signature math and problem-solving concepts, into a beautifully-designed collection of toys for preschoolers ages 3-5. The debut assortment will begin rolling out to this fall. The full range of new Peg + Cat offerings will be showcased at Licensing Expo 2016, June 21-23 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center at the PBS KIDS Booth, #M242.Use Peg + Cat as inspiration to explore math skills with your kids. Group and count objects you see as you drive down the road or go for a walk. How many red cars do you see? How about blue ones? What if you add them together? Group toys as you clean up and practice counting by tens, count the pieces of silverware as you set the table, etc.