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This unit uses the Ideal Patio Insert frame along with the Animate Elite Cat Door.
Here are the pet doors we think you should consider if you've got vinyl framing and "Hat's Off'" to Ideal Pet Products for designing them! They are the Ideal VIP, the Ideal VPP and the Ideal VIP Cat Flap. You'll find them all on our page devoted to .Remember that Ideal also makes non-vinyl framed patio pet doors so don't mix those up. Stick with the three we've mentioned here for now.
Ideal Hefty Cat Door VIP 150 Patio Panel Closeup · Ideal VIP 150 Large Cat Patio Panel Pet Door.

One of the most popular pet door installations is for sliding glass patio pet doors. There are several types and styles from which to choose covering a wide range of quality and features. The Ideal Fast Fit patio pet door is an inexpensive solution providing reasonable strength, security and insulation. The Patio Pacific Thermo Panel IIIe sliding glass insert with Endura flap is the best choice for a well insulated manual patio pet door. The ultimate solution is the Power Pet Fully Automatic dual e-glass patio pet door which provides the highest level of energy efficiency, security and convenience with zero draft to remain air tight in hurricane force winds. Here we have provided a complete selection of quality pet doors for sliding glass door installation. Here you are sure to find the ideal patio pet door to meet your needs and your budget.

Dog and cat doors for sliding glass installation consist of a patio panel insert that fits into your sliding glass door track. A spring loaded section at the top of the insert slides up to fit snuggly against the top of your track. The patio door insert has a built in dog door or cat door. DIY installation is typically very easy with these types of pet doors.

At the economical end of the patio pet door spectrum is the Ideal Fast Fit, one of the most popular sliding glass pet door models. These are available in small, medium, large, extra large, and super large flap sizes, in heights of regular, shorty and extra-tall. The insert panel itself is made from a ½" aluminum extrusion with a single pane tempered glass panel installed. There is a weather stripping kit provided and a draft stopper strip that keeps air from leaking in through the back side of what will now be a partially opened sliding glass door when it closes against the Fast Fit insert.

The Ideal Pet, Modular sliding glass pet doors are a step up from the Fast Fit series. They are built from a slightly heavier 5/8" aluminum extrusion and come in two halves that make shipping a lot less expensive and the package easier to handle. The top and bottom halves assemble together easily during installation. This door is a little stronger and a little more expensive than the Fast Fit line. Want to customize your Pet Patio Door™? We've got some parts for your dog door and cat door.Ideal Lockable Patio Cat Door Insert features single paned glass, and is temporarily installedIdeal Lockable Cat Flap Patio Pet Door - Moore Pet Supplies
Our cat pet patio doors were designed with your Ideal Pet’s safety and sense of adventure in mind. Feel free to browse through our products to see what cat door will work best for the whole family.The Ideal Fast Fit Pet Patio is a cat door panel that snaps into the existing track of a sliding glass door. This pet door panel has an optional outdoor key lock available for added convenience. This tempered glass pet door has four flap size selections. The small flap, which measures 5 inches x 7 inches is the smallest available size and the one best suited for cats. The Ideal Fast Fit Pet Patio door comes in three adjustable heights. Use the provided security lock to keep the door secured in the tracks. A: We also offer a wide variety of Patio Pet Doors™ for vinyl or aluminum sliding patio doors, in our most popular styles for dogs and cats in a variety of heights.are considered "Special Order" items. They require special handling and are, in all cases, subject to a 20% restocking charge. Please make sure you have thoroughly checked the size of the door you need before ordering. It is your responsibility to make sure that your patio pet door fits in your location.The Patio Pacific Endura Flap Thermo Panel IIIe received the editor's choice award from Dog Fancy magazine. The Low E glass has a coating on the inside of the unit to improve the panel's insulation. Choose from three different panel heights and four different flap sizes. Cats successfully use the number six and number eight doors. The number six door measures 6 inches x 11 inches and the rise is adjustable from 3 - 5 inches. The number eight door measures 8 inches x 15 inches with an adjustable rise from 3 - 7 inches.In more recent years, Patio Pacific has developed the 'Endura Flap' line of patented pet doors that address the 12 important factors that define pet door excellence. These high-performance pet doors won the coveted Fancy Publications Editor's Choice Award in 2007 based upon their superior technology. Now available in designs for sliding glass doors, sash windows, kennels and sliding windows. And also in both single-flap and double-flap versions for doors and walls. The single Endura Flap pet door rivals any double-flap competitor and the double Endura Flap versions have proven themselves suitable for the very worst Michigan and Canadian winter weather.