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Nancy, I personally wouldn’t attempt asking a neighbour to keep their cat indoors. It could cause a lot of tension between you both. I would however show them this article. They’ll likely pay attention much easier than if you approached them specifically requesting that they keep their cat housebound. As for the whole stray cat won’t use a kitty litter tray, I think that is rubbish and just an excuse to get you to mind your own business. Any cat will use a kitty litter tray with plenty of encouragement and patience. I know plenty of people who have taken in feral/stray kitties, myself included, and all of the kitties have taken to their designated toilet area. Cats thrive on routine and familarity. All it takes is placing their scent (to put it politely) into the box. If people can clean up a dogs mess then why not clean up a cats mess from the garden by using it in a kitty litter tray?! We do the same thing with dogs. If they mess in the house you simply place it outside in a location you want them to go. Its common sense. It sounds to me like maybe your neighbour just can’t be bothered. That’s my opinion anyway.
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I am so sorry for you and for Orange…your pain and horror come through your story vividly. I’ve had cats since the mid-80’s and have always been terrified one would get outside and be hurt (my first one did get outside once (dumb hubby left the door open while paying for the pizza), but he was extremely anxious to get back in the house once I figured out he’d gotten out – he zoomed in as soon as I opened the door. That was very lucky (incidentally, his name was Lucky). outdoor cat houses | Outside Cat House – An Outdoor Cat Shelter for Catsoutside house for 3 cats | made to any length, shape or size, your indoor cat can get outside ...outside house for 3 cats | made to any length, shape or size, your indoor cat can get outside ...
Luxury outdoor cat house thats a large warm weatherproof shelter for your cats, beautiful outside cat home for use in the gardenSuperb woodenart quality practical outdoor Cat House Chalet31 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 48 inches highSuitable for 2 - 3 catsLarge opening door to allow access and easLike many cat lovers, you may have thought about letting your cat go outside. A lot of cat owners feel guilty about keeping their cat inside, and worry that they are depriving their cat of natural instincts or fresh air and sunshine. If you have experienced some of these feelings, American Humane appreciates your concern for your feline friend and would like to help you make an educated decision. Let’s look at the issues surrounding indoor vs. outdoor cats:There are many homeless cats- some are feral cats, and some are abandoned pet cats. Whether feral or tame, abandoned pets, cats living outdoors need a warm, dry, windproof shelter. Make sure the opening is too small for a dog or coyote to fit in. All outside shelters should be off the ground several inches to keep the inside dry after rains have created puddles or to prevent a cat from getting blocked in by a heavy snowfall overnight (for regions that get snow). Buy the best outside heated cat shelter for winter: .

This house keeps up to 4 cats warm and comfy in cold temperatures.

A heated soft foam bed with a washable fleece cover uses just 40 watts of power o generate heat.

Dual exits allow multiple cats to come and go and prevent being trapped by predators.

Unlike other similar animal heating houses and shelters, A-frame design, durable nylon exterior with a waterproof fabric, and overhang roof keep your pet dry when raining.

There isn't anything more satisfying to outdoor cat than a warm, protected place like this heated house.It may be cold out, but winter can be a happy time of year when you are cuddled up with a loved one, taking in the crisp smell of fresh snow, or enjoying a cup of cocoa by the fire. But for an outside cat, life is harsh. It is not uncommon to find cats curled up in the engine of cars to keep warm. But, sadly for these cats, they can be killed as soon as the car is turned on. Generally speaking, outside cats live shorter lives than ones that are kept inside as they are subject to dangers including car accidents, attacks by other animals, diseases, hypothermia, and other harm. Many neighborhoods have feral cats that have it pretty rough. If you do have an outside cat or have seen some strays hanging around, creating an insulated house is an easy and kind way to provide them with a safe place when the cold weather starts. Luckily, this kind gesture is also affordable. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to build a shelter. Be sure to ask an adult for help if you choose to build one!I built an outdoor cat house for 5 stray cats who live outside my house for the last 8 years. Totally insulated walls, vinyl flooring, carpeted for extra warmth, double glazed windows for our cold Canadian winters.