Hidden outdoor litter box for indoor cats

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Look at this lovely egg-shaped white cat litter box named as poopoopeedo litter tray. It conveys modern and luxurious lifestyle to pet cats. Its budgeted litter box designs by, sin design, French company. White and black color litter tray is good for both indoor and outdoor consumptions. High quality plastic used to assemble this cat litter box covers with tight lid that keep rain water away from it. Have it to for your own comfort as its simple to clean it.
Happy Cat Cottage: The Outdoor Litter Box for Indoor Cats. Love This!!
The second reason you need an outdoor litter box, is it reinforces the litter box use indoors! Cats that become used to using the outdoors exclusively, without a box, don't know that they need a litter box indoors, and may forget where it is! This becomes very important when an outdoor cat is left indoors, with 3-4 days rations of food & water, while you head out of town! If however, the cat always uses a litter box, then this shouldn't be a problem. Another positive for having an outdoor litter box, is it consolidates the waste to one area of the yard, even though cats will naturally try to scatter their leavings, often times the is ground is too hard! This leaves their waste to be possibly eaten by the family dog ...Yuk! Outdoor Litter Box for Indoor catsTara's Cat Cottage - outdoor litterbox for INDOOR cats!Happy Cat Cottage: The Outdoor Litter Box for Indoor Cats. Love This!!
However, if you are dealing with a long term outdoor cat, possibility it will have some kind of use for you, is quite limited. Outdoor cats rarely use the litter box indoors. Unless you invest some serious time in training and retraining frequently.With the reasons for keeping your cats indoors in mind, are there any steps you can take to encourage them to eliminate outdoors rather than inside in a litter box?The first and foremost reason why an outdoor litter box should be created is that it relieves the pressure off of your indoor litter box. This is an essential thing, if you’ve multiple cats. It restricts the cat’s elimination in the house and keeps all the odor and mess outside the house.I’ve been thinking through this whole process.
First of all for Karla – flies. WE are planning to place wire screen all around our outdoor attached litter box.
We are also going to make sheets that can slide in each side and prevent snow or rain from getting in.
The kitty door that will be attached to the house has an attached door that slides down and can lock.
My Q. is will the cold weather really prevent the cats from using the litter? A lot of cats are indoor outdoor cats and
go out to do their job. ?An outdoor cat sees her environment as one big litter box and goes where she wishes. A no-fail confinement method trains her to use a litter box inside and become an indoor cat. Indoor cats rely on their owners for food, water and a snuggly lap for a purr-fect nap.Very good idea and I hope that if I make this it will kep that catos from using my gardens as a littler box! Thanks for the tip on Oil Dry. I don't think that I have ever heard of it. I will try since I have 6 outdoors strays and 4 indoor cats that all but on goes outside to use the ground. You are correct that he does stink up all the 3 litter boxes in the house and the girls don't like to use them at all.