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Burrr. If it's too cold for you outside, it's probably too cold for your pets. Dogs and cats usually fair better than their masters outdoors, but freezing weather can still lead to frostbite and hypothermia in minutes. Even outdoor pets should spend the night indoors when it's dangerously cold.
During cold weather, outdoor cats require extra calories to stay warm.
Providing all the cold weather needs for indoor-outdoor pets in winter is usually easy, but it can be tougher for outdoor-only pets like abandoned or feral cats. So when the weather outside is frightful, here's how you can protect your feline and canine friends from winter's bite. Transitioning Outdoor Cats to Colder Weather - Cat Hospital of PortlandBetween November 1st and February 28th, we will not provide funding for spay/neuter surgeries for outdoor cats because of the cold weather
Nutrition is especially important for outdoor cats during the winter because the cold and difficult weather conditions create additional stresses for their immune systems. Feeding them a higher quality brand of food, if you can manage the additional expense, will be beneficial to them. Also, supplementing canned food with extra Vitamin C is an excellent way to boost the cats' health. Cats manufacture their own Vitamin C, but in the cold weather, this naturally occurring nutrient can be quickly depleted. For the type and amount of Vitamin C to provide, read "," an article by Anitra Frazier (author of The New Natural Cat), which you can find on the Neighborhood Cats website.BETHESDA,MD—As temperatures across the country begin to drop, many people find themselves concerned about how to care for outdoor cats in the wintertime. Cats are resilient, but they can always use a hand staying warm and healthy during cold weather.During cold weather, outdoor cats require extra calories to stay warm. Many will have a hard time finding enough food to survive until spring. Make sure to either feed more or feed more often.Cats don’t need a lot of space, just a space that is large enough for them to stand and move about and stay safe from the harshest outdoor elements. When the weather is at its coldest, the cats will be relying on each other for warmth, and will create their own tight spaces within their shelter. With that in mind, you can use whatever space and materials available to you to create a small haven.With snowy days just around the corner, you may be wondering how outdoor cats can survive in colder weather. Even though stray and community cats are at home outside, they can always use some extra help in cold or severe weather. Here are some tips to help them stay safe, warm and healthy during the winter months.While it would be nice to think that feral and outdoor kitties do not need our help to stay warm in cold weather, this is not always the case. Sometimes the weather can be extremely treacherous for them. If you are currently caring for outdoor kitties and are concerned about keeping them warm during the cold weather, below are some suggestions. The pictures below represent an easy shelter you can build that appears to be quite well-insulated. My biggest concern with this set up is that the animal might get cornered or trapped with no way to get out. Therefore, I would highly recommend making sure that you place this in an area where they will not be trapped by other animals or even a person who does not like the fact that there are feral or stray cats in that area and may want to do them harm.