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Outdoor cat containment systems offer safe and efficient ways to contain your cat when needed
Spring—In some climates springtime tends to be the rainy season. Since cats typically dislike being wet, you may be wondering how you can coax him to go out in his outdoor cat condo during the spring. The key here is the type of outdoor cat fencing you purchase. Find some sort of outdoor cat containment system that is fully-equipped with a metal roof. This will keep the rain off your pet while he is in his outdoor cat fencing, but it will still allow him to have access to the outdoors. Custom Cages manufactures exquisite cat cages that are ideal for all weather conditions.
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Pick the items that you need to make sure that you can keep your cat contained to certain areas when you shop the fantastic containment options that we offer here on our website. We have some different systems that can help contain your indoor or outdoor cat during different parts of the day. Take a look at some of our outdoor cat containment systems to make sure that you are able to keep your cat securely in your own yard or look at some different options to keep your kitten out of trouble when you aren’t at home. Find comfortable items like a cat playpen perfect for making sure that your indoor cat isn’t able to get into trouble when you aren’t around to prevent accidents. Cat Containment Systems - Outdoor Cat Enclosure Kits - Purrfect FenceCat Outdoor Containment: Fun Run Outdoor Enclosure at DrsOutdoor Pet Cages · Outdoor Cat Containment.
If you have a fenced yard, a containment system will keep your cat on his home turf. To see an easy and unobtrusive containment system made from PVC piping, visit . If your cat has never been outside, keep him company on his first outdoor excursions. Remember, to him, even your fenced-in yard is a brand new world.With a containment system, your cat can enjoy the outdoors without any of the dangers, such as: risk of injury due to predators, hostile cats, hostile humans, getting hit by a car, or contracting fatal or debilitating diseases.There are various containment and confinement systems for cats. These range from simple mesh netting to more complex fence systems to elaborate outdoor cat enclosures with glass roofs, cat perches, and scratching posts built in.Purr fect Fence is truly a unique cat containment with which anyone can create a whole new outdoor living area for their cats. Our cat containment barrier fence is now receiving rave reviews throughout all of North America, and we look forward to providing cat owners with an alternative to the limited options presently available to owners of indoor/outdoor cats.Purr-fect Fence cat containment systems are easily installed by unrolling the fencing and attaching it to the posts along the perimeter of the area in which you wish to create your cat containment area. Our fencing easily forms a most desirable outdoor cat containment system.Cats are natural hunters and may show an interest in going outside. Many cat owners end up feeling bad if they don’t let their felines explore the outdoors. They may feel they are unfairly confining their pets indoors, and they decide to let their cats be outdoor cats. While their intentions might be admirable, their decision may not be the most informed one. Without a cat containment fence from Dog Guard, outdoor cats face all kinds of dangers that indoor cats do not. Keep Your Cat Safe and outdoors with an Outdoor Cat Enclosure -
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Outdoor enclosures are all the new rage for safe outside feline play. The age old dilemma of letting your indoor cat be an outdoor cat has expanded as new solutions for cat lovers yearning for their loved ones to enjoy fresh air, greenery, and sunshine, is not weighed down by the worry of keeping them safe from traffic, dogs, predators, and people. An outdoor enclosure for felines, coined "catio", are also called cat cages, cat runs and cat walks.

It is no secret that cat containment can be a sore issue for many animal lovers. Ranging from cat shelters, cat fences and window boxes, keeping your kitty cat safe is not new. For the urban cat the main hazard to beware of are cars and people. Unfortunately the numbers show up to 5 times the fatality rate for outdoor urban cats.

Urban owners wary of owning an outdoor cat many have locked the doors on outdoor play, resulting in many obese and de-clawed cats.

As primal hunters, it is impossible to completely tame your pet and many owners witness aggressive behaviour from time to time if their feline is contained only to the indoors.

Those who live in rural areas are more concerned with predators and escape and are accustomed to keeping their animals contained at night. Many horse owners may keep allow their feline friends to sleep in the stables, or provide indoor sanctuary.

No matter where you live it is possible to build a cat enclosure for outdoors to fit your needs and the needs of your pet. Whether you attach it to your house or build cat run on the perimeter of your yard, there are many creative solutions. In the city many opt for a cat run in adjacent to the window, allowing free play with out your feline trampling or sleeping in the window box plants. House owners usually opt to "Do It Yourself" DIY cat enclosures or cat proof fences and balconies.

Owners that have taken impressive strides to improve custom pet containment and ideas for cat enclosure DIY, now can sit back and watch as their precious basks in the sun safely.

Jackie is an avid feline lover and is part of a growing society joined to ensure pet safety and containment.
Find out more about outdoor cat enclosures and how to build a cat enlcosure yourself.

Article Source: Electric fence products from Dog Guard are safe, effective, and veterinarian-approved, and they come with a money-back guarantee. Our receivers come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re a proud cat owner and you want to keep your indoor or outdoor cat safe, you might want to buy a cat containment fence from Dog Guard.