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Ive been reading a lot of Positive Reviews for Orijen Cat Food. Knowing that Royal Canin is not the best for my Cat due to the By Products and Meal Content, i decided to introduce Orijen but its been a week of trial and still my Cats did not eat the Orijen, they choose RC and leaves the Orijen pellets in their bowl. I even mixed in Orijen to their Favorite Fancy Feast Can Food and still they ignored the food, maybe they know its not RC but Orijen mixed in the wet food. they seem hungry but still they just choose RC. Now they are back in RC and i kept Orijen in the cupboard. I know Orijen is Good but how is it my Cats dont really like it. My vet said Good Cat Food is essential but even we think Orijen is Good if my cats would not eat it, then no choice but to stick with RC. Help!
We'll begin this review of Orijen Dry Cat Food Tundra with a detailed discussion of the ingredients.
Lorena, Thanks for your excellent reviews on dry cat food. I had 5 rescue kittens that I weaned from their feral mama around 4 weeks of age. I started feeding them frisks pate which was recommended by a local rescue organization to help trap them. Once they were seen by a vet, they were all diagnosed with ring worm and put on a diet of hills ideal balance dry food supplemented with vita flora powder packets for 3 months. As they were originally used to the pate/ wet food, I began adding water to the dry food and supplement to get them to eat it. The two I have kept have been on that type of a diet since then. They get fairly moistened kibbles in the AM and PM and about a quarter cup of water with just about 10 kibbles in the afternoon or more when it is hot. I have recently purchased wellness complete health food and wondered if I could just continue this regime with it. Nowhere do I ever see anyone suggest wetting the kibbles but always recommend giving plenty of water or adding wet food throughout the week. I was just wondering why that has never been an option. Do you think there is any issue with doing this? Thanks for your thoughts on this. Orijen Cat & Kitten Food Reviews & Recalls 2017 - KittyCatterOrijen Cat Food Review by a Trusted ExpertOrijen Cat Food Reviews and Ratings - BestCatFoodForCats
Natural Balance Original Ultra Formula is a lot cheaper than other premium cat foods that meet reviewer approval, but that's because it includes more cost-cutting grain. That's offset by lots of high-quality meat and other ingredients, however. The company's safety record isn't as perfect as some, but it's responded by putting a comprehensive product testing program in place. Susan Thixton researches most cat food brands, including Orijen. She rates the brands and their individual varieties of cat food, based on ingredient quality, safety and more. The reviews are only available to subscribers, however.Orijen costs more than other grain-free dry cat foods. Pound for pound, Orijen costs more than other top-rated dry cat foods. However, most other dry cat foods include grain or have less meat. This cuts costs, but experts say cats are true carnivores that require a meat-based diet. Several cat owners also note that their cats actually eat less when they're fed grain-free foods, because the foods are more nutrient-dense. One grain-free dry cat food that costs less and gets good reviews is . It contains less meat than Orijen, however, and its safety record isn't quite as strong. But it's still a good budget choice, reviewers say. First time fur parent here and recently switched to this amazing grain-free cat food. After one month, here's the review. Recommendations and tips are very much appreciated!

This was filmed on a whim, I had no make-up, was wearing house clothes and had weird hair, but I really wanted to make a review of Orijen and never had the opportunity to film. Except tonight!

Here's the video on how Orijen makes their pet food: