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I asked about Authority canned food the other day (some are low phosphorus) and was told by Petsmart employee the company refuses to tell them no matter how much they ask if the cat food is made in the USA. I also noticed some brands that said made in Thailand right on them. Not sure what to think of that. One being petsmart’s other, newer holistic cat food and another is a more natural brand as well. One of my cats didn’t end up needing low protein/phosphorus foods but due to all the organs affected when she was recently sick I was thinking I would try to find one that is made in the USA and pretty decent in ingredients. More looking for low phosphorus because her kidneys are functioning almost normal now. My current brand is Halo. I know nothing about Flint River Ranch (except made in USA) and my cats loved a sample I got! I don’t want to over do the dry though….
November 2008, Champion Pet foods recalled Orijen cat food in the USA after cats began dying in Australia.
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also, orijen did have a recall problem due to 5 dog deaths linked back to their food.....but it was in one country only: Australia! australia irradiates almost everything that comes into that country and does irridiate cat food. the problem seems to be linked to the irradiation. no other country had the problem or the deaths.Australian recall was due to irradiation. A search of the Food and Drug Administration's online pet food recall database (which goes back to 2007) shows no recalls for Orijen pet food in the United States. In Australia in 2008, several cats were sickened after eating Orijen dry cat food that the Australian government had irradiated upon entry to the country -- but the problem was with the irradiation, not the food itself. Orijen immediately stopped selling its pet foods to Australia, and Australia has stopped irradiating pet food. Orijen itself gets high marks for safety. It makes all of its food in its own facility and it tests its food for contaminants like salmonella, heavy metals and mercury.Whenever there is a change or recall for Orijen cat food that may affect your cat’s health and well-being we’re the first to know and we want to help pass that information on to you as quickly as possible.Orijen Cat and Kitten earns a very strong 4.7-star rating here, with nearly 550 reviews posted. A few owners say their cats don't like it, but most say their cats gobble it up -- and rave about their cats' health as a result. Around 96 percent say they recommend the food.Orijen costs more than other grain-free dry cat foods. Pound for pound, Orijen costs more than other top-rated dry cat foods. However, most other dry cat foods include grain or have less meat. This cuts costs, but experts say cats are true carnivores that require a meat-based diet. Several cat owners also note that their cats actually eat less when they're fed grain-free foods, because the foods are more nutrient-dense. One grain-free dry cat food that costs less and gets good reviews is . It contains less meat than Orijen, however, and its safety record isn't quite as strong. But it's still a good budget choice, reviewers say. The Orijen pet food business recognizes the point that cats are actually carnivores and they model every single one of the products of theirs with that reality in mind. Orijen uses just the freshest, organic ingredients in the products of theirs and they’re meticulously sourced from regional vendors to guarantee quality as well as health integrity. When developing the products of theirs, Orijen uses a Biologically Appropriate philosophy and that hinges on the concept that modern cats are currently built as the ancestors of theirs as well as, as a result, they must eat as they did. This means a high protein diet made up of marrow, cartilage, organs, and fresh meats supplemented with fresh fruits and low-glycemic carbohydrates and veggies.