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A few additional companies that manufacture organic cat food may be more challenging to find in stores, but their products may be ordered online:
Organic foods in the Made-With category are multi-ingredients; they have to meet the followign standards:
What all of this means is that a lot of pet foods will say that they are organic or list a lot of organic ingredients, but they may not be entirely organic. That’s fine. A food can still be a good food without being 100 percent organic. However, companies that are deceptive about the organic status of their foods are not so fine. If you are interested in a cat food that claims to be organic, it’s a good idea to check out their web site, including the Frequently Asked Questions and other places on the site where they discuss ingredients. They may disclose that their foods are not as organic as claimed. For example, of Newman’s Own Organics, we read: So, organic cat food may be desirable for some reasons, but there are many other good quality cat foods that you might want to consider.Jul 12, 2016 - Unlike other premium canned cat foods, Newman's Own Organics Chicken and Brown Rice is not grain freeShop for Cats Natural & Organic Foods. Buy products such as Good Life Indoor Recipe Chicken Dry Cat Food, 7 Lb at Walmart and save.
Unlike other premium canned cat foods, Newman's Own Organics Chicken and Brown Rice is not grain free. However, quality is first rate and it is made using certified organic, "human-grade" ingredients. It does contain carrageenan, which worries some experts more than others, but the company's safety record is squeaky clean, the cans are BPA-free and all profits go to charity. Raw cat food does the best job of impersonating prey. Raw meat and organs are ground up in exact proportions to give cats all the nutrients they need. Raw and near-raw (minimally processed) cat foods are sold frozen or in dehydrated form.
Many commercial and holistic cat foods also contain vegetables. The reasons for adding them are varied. From claims that their food represents all the food groups, to individual claims about added fruits and veggies, all tend to boil down to the reasons why humans need them in their diets. Though there are some claims that cats eat vegetables contained in the stomachs of their prey, the amount contained in the stomach of a mouse, small rodent or bird is smaller than a dime, and can be considered negligible. Often, the first organ that cats ingest is the brain, which contains the highest concentration of nutrients. That's why when our mighty hunter (or huntress) leaves a present on our porch, it is usually a carcass with a missing head.

Another argument, is that cats will eat grass, therefore, they need vegetables in their diet. In fact, cats ingest grass to help cleanse their digestive tract, mostly to help pass hairballs. Upon regurgitation or elimination through the bowel, the grass will pass completely undigested and whole. Here is why: In order to extract nutrients from vegetables, carnivores and omnivores need to break down the cell walls in some way. Cooking (steaming is best), grinding, and powdering are the best methods of breaking down the cellulose walls in vegetable matter. For humans and some other animals, our chewing process is very effective in that our jaws allow us to "grind". Cats, however, do not 'chew' and grind as we do and therefore, need 'pre-digested' vegetables in order to process the nutrients they contain.
We start with organic chicken as the #1 ingredient within all of our organic pet foods. Our recipes are made with a precise blend of organic ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals expressly blended for optimal nutrition. No corn, wheat or soy is added to our recipes. Additionally, no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors are included in our premium pet food. Formulated by our pet food nutritionists, Tender & True Organic Premium Chicken & Liver Recipe Cat Food is formulated specifically for all cat breeds throughout all life stages."Because the power of real food has made a difference to us, we set out on a mission to educate people about the true health benefits of eating organic, and to create the most valuable database of organic foods! This website is a place where you can find only the best organic food products, and learn more about them. Through healthy nutrition, we want to give everybody the chance to enjoy a long and happy life!"Here are four organic cat foods that I found which are top quality and are free from all those artificial pesticides, herbicides and other additives: