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ship product being our Australian Certified Organic range of Dog and Cat food.
"Organic" petfoods (or at least those with organic ingredients) are on the increase. Organically reared animals are reared without the routine use of antibiotics; without growth-promoting hormones and cannot be genetically modified (GM) animals. Organically produced crops (most cat food contains plant byproducts) are non-GM and grown without using conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge. Organic foods are processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. Britain, Canada, USA, Australia and Japan all have bodies able to certify foods as organic. Organic foods do not contain the chemical residues found in some conventionally produced food and this may benefit the consumer as well as the environment. However it is more expensive to produce and there are concerns over food safety especially residues of organic pesticide residues.
Organic Cat Food Australia
Want buy cat dry food online in Sydney, Australia then contact with organic bone and tell us your order, we forward your products at your place in minimum times. Producer of certified organic and certified vegan wholefood products for people and dogs ..Supplier of vegetarian (Yarrah) and vegan (Ami Cat & Ami Dog) pet food.The Honest Kitchen | Dehydrated Cat & Dog Food
We have commenced the expansion of our company into Asia and the rest of the world via our new flag ship product being our Australian Certified Organic range of Dog and Cat food.Wow! Just wow…that list of “good” foods is so not..and Purina! The company that is killing thousands of dogs with their Beneful and had to pay out 6.5 million to owners whose dogs died from the jerky treats..Nestle the company that wants to take over the worlds water supply..Taste of the Wild well they don’t make their own food, Diamond makes them and they always have recalls….Orijen made in Canada where there are NO pet food regulations so we won’t hear of any recalls there..to boot their food killed many cats when the company approved of the irradiation when it entered Australia..not to mention the company was sold in 2011 to an investment firm..Evangers?? really? the owner had a felony against him…kosher slaughter is one of the most disgusting ways to kill cows…just have to watch a video on that one..Hounds and Gator is the only company on this list I believe is legit..the best food list is by Susan Thrixton of Truth About Pet Food….Farmina is the go to company now..its made in Italy and they have no GMOs and the government regulates the food unlike USA which there is close to no regulation at all…and of course home prepared organic is best,,,