Organix can food has dextrose. Isn’t this bad for cats?

Newman's Own Organics Adult Chicken and Salmon Formula Canned Cat Food
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Newman's Own Organics Adult Turkey and Vegetable Formula Canned Cat Food
Disclosure: We received a selection of By Nature Natural and Organic Canned Cat Food for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own. Newman's Own Organics Adult Chicken and Salmon Formula Canned Cat FoodNewman's Own Organics Adult Turkey and Vegetable Formula Canned Cat FoodNewman's Own Organics Adult Chicken and Salmon Formula Canned Cat Food
If you'd prefer your cats eat organically, reviewers highly recommend Newman's Own canned cat food. It's mostly USDA-approved organic chicken with no artificial ingredients -- and all profits go to animal charities. It's not grain free however, and not completely free of "controversial" ingredients.All profits go to charities. Newman's Own Organics canned cat food -- which contains grain -- costs less than grain-free premium cat foods like , but more than non-organic premium cat foods with grain, such as . Like all Newman's Own products, Newman's Own Organics pet food donates all after-tax profits to charity. A spotless recall history. Newman's Own pet food has never been recalled, a search of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recall database shows. In fact, several cat owners say they started feeding Newman's Own because it was one of the few safe brands during the notorious 2007 pet food recall, in which tainted ingredients from China were added to hundreds of American pet foods, poisoning many pets and killing some. It receives organic certification from the Oregon Tilth, and is qualified to carry the USDA Organic label. Most ingredients are sourced from the United States, though the beef in some flavors comes from Uruguay, which has strict quality restrictions. Its cat food cans are bisphenol A (BPA)-free, avoiding a chemical that studies have linked to reproductive problems, cancers and other diseases.Eco Dogs and Cats is excited to be adding an exclusive organic pet food to our selection. After much research and we have decided that in the near future we will be carrying Benevo vegan pet food. Benevo is an independent producer of vegan pet food as well as treats. Benevo is based in the UK and is the first UK-manufacturing company to make Vegan pet food and treats. Benevo offers Organic dog food, Original dog food, and my favorite puppy food. Benevo also has dry cat food and a canned food that is for cats and dogs. We will also be carrying the Benevo dog cake mix that is also vegan and all natural. Now your doggie can have a real birthday party! My two dogs got to taste test dog cake mix made into a cake and they absolutely loved it. We are excited, hope you will be too!!Over 270 customers here give Newman's Own Organics canned cat food 4 out of 5 stars, on average. Most say their cats love it and it has improved their health, but about one in five gives it a low score -- usually because their cats won't eat it. Unlike other premium canned cat foods, Newman's Own Organics Chicken and Brown Rice is not grain free. However, quality is first rate and it is made using certified organic, "human-grade" ingredients. It does contain carrageenan, which worries some experts more than others, but the company's safety record is squeaky clean, the cans are BPA-free and all profits go to charity.