Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Hairball & Healthy Weight Cat Food

on one (1) 3.15lb or larger bag of Purina® Cat Chow® brand dry cat food, any variety

Eukanuba Hairball Control Adult is 100% complete and perfectly formulated dry cat food that's ideal for house-cats over 1 year old. House-cats are prone to hairballs particularly when they are shedding because the swallowed hairs won't paΒ through the digestive tract. The food is developed together with vets to use a special blend of dietary fibres to bind ...

on one (1) 13lb or larger bag of Purina® Cat Chow® brand dry cat food, any variety

Purina ONE Sterilised is a complete wet cat food which is formulated to suit the nutritional needs of neutered cats. It is made with delicious salmon or tasty turkey with vegetables and gravy and provides your cat with a balanced meal which contains all the nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy. Neutered cats have a slower metabolism which means that they ...

on one (1) bag of Purina ONE® brand dry cat food, any size, any varietyon one (1) 11 lb or larger package of Kit & Kaboodle® Dry Cat Food, any varietyMore information about the individual varieties can be found here: Purina ONE Dry Cat Food.
For example, if your cat is prone to bladder infections or obstructions then foods that lower his urinary pH will help reduce their occurrence. Prevention is better than cure however, so where possible you should calculate how much your pet needs to maintain an appropriate weight and measure their food. You can discuss specifics with your veterinarian about your pet’s build, age, activity level and health status.I buy 22 lbs. bags of Cat Chow Indoor food because I have several cats. In 4 months bought 3 bags and started up with Purina - MyPerkscatchow reward system. Well on the 22 lbs. bags I can never read the laser print codes that I can on the smaller bags. I've complained and was told to call a number. I did and was sent a survey via email. That was a couple of weeks ago and nothing since. Let's just say I gave them a very poor response in return. They won't give me the points I'm owed off the one UPC bag I had at the time let alone I've bought 3 in 4 months' time. Pouring out the dry cat food for my cat, I noticed mouldy (fuzzy/ furry) bits inside the bag coming out WITH the dried food. I don't know what they are but it is definitely not okay for my cat to eat or anyone's animal to eat. Best before date on bag says JUL 1017.My cat has never had skin problems and my cat and dog eat Purina food. My dog would sometimes eat Mousey's food. Scabs were on both. Dog I have made sure has not eaten Purina indoor cat food and skin problems stopped. Mousey's haven't. Has there been any changes in ingredients in last 6 months? I gave him taste of the Wild and he has not scratched today hardly any. Used this product ten yrs. I'm taking him to the vet again and he is 11 and worried giving ** to him. ** isn't working either. I haven't changed detergents, anything. I'm gonna really upset if I find out if it's different ingredients and my baby boy has suffered for months. I'm taking samples of the scabs stuck on skin and hair tomorrow and the lady that opened the bag of Purina hairball food and moths... yes infested with moths!!! I'm highly disgusted. I've paid so much money in Purina, I should have blue chip stocks. I want answers.My cat just finished his bag of Purina one indoor cat, which is my usual choice but I bought the regular version because of a coupon and he has had diarrhea for 5 days, I'm so stressed, it's so nasty because he's a long hair cat so you can imagine how many baths he's had to have. I suspect it's the food now that I see all these recent complaints. Going to email them.Two of my Egyptian Maus died from something that couldn't be diagnosed from a simple autopsy. I can't blame it on your food without proof. I can however lower your score. Yes my cats are obsessed with the taste but after reading about what goes into it I am horrified. It is less expensive than my other wet food but it's not about the money. My pets are dear to my family, and of course to me, they ARE FAMILY.