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Novelty Cat Pillow Pet Bed Pillow Funny Cat by ThePineappleCatz, $25.00
Then you have the novelty cat beds, which would make a great funny gift for the cat-owner in your life. is particularly cute for the cat who likes to live dangerously.
Novelty Cat Pillow - Pet Bed Pillow - Funny Cat Quote - Wool Accent Pillow Etsy
Our novelty pet house looks like a whale! It is the perfect way to embarrass your cat. We have redesigned our Cat Ball® cat bed to be a whale! What cat doesnt want to sit inside the belly of a whale while taking a nap? Our shark Cat Ball® cat bed has been such a success that we wanted to create another marine creature for your cats comfort, so welcome the cetacean! This whale Cat Ball® cat bed is ready to ship. The Cat Ball® cat bed is a modern cave pod for your kitty, offering a place to… Novelty Soft Dog Cat Bed Bule Grey Color Cartoon Shark Mouse Shape Washable Doghouse Pet Sleeping Bed With Removable CushionDOG BED Pets Sewing Pattern Novelty Dogs Cat Pet Couch Chair Furniture Beds - OOP & last one ~ SOLD!Luckily, there are a surprising number of whimsical novelty cat beds available on the Internet. Who knew?
Cat beds are an affordable way to make your kitty feel at home in various spots in your house. Cats like to have a space for themselves, and the more comfort zones you add for kitty, the happier kitty will be.

Cat beds and cozy snuggle spots don't have to be boring. Check out these fun, and sometimes funny, novelty cat beds that will make kitty happy and make you and your guests smile.Evolve from Skitty to Delcatty in the quiet comfort of this Pikachu hooded novelty cat bed. The only thing that’s screaming loud here are the bright yellow and pink colors. Washable, so that smells won’t get strong enough to curl your whiskers.