Kitty Litter Comparison Chart: Which Cat Litter is Best?

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Picking a brand of cat litter can be tough. There are so many choices with so many different features. How can you possibly know which one is best for your cat? If your cat is , you might find it beneficial to set up several boxes with a different kind of litter in each. She may prefer a specific feel under her paws, or she may have a preference for clumping vs. non-clumping litter.
Find Purina Tidy Cats Glade Tough Odor Solution Non-Clumping Litter, 40 lb. Bag in the Litter | Brand : Tidy Cats | Pet Type : Cat | Package Siz.
So why doesn’t everybody use flushable cat litters? They seem to be better for the environment, easier to dispose of, and come in plenty of material and clumping options. Well, despite what people may tell you, even “flushable” cat litters can still cause damage to your toilet. That is why many of the brands will state that they recommend disposing in a conventional way but that it is acceptable to flush every once in a while. Cat litters can be quite heavy and abrasive and can scratch up the inside of your toilet. It is also prone to causing clogs. Finally, it can take multiple flushes to completely empty out a cat litter box, which ends up with you having to stand over your toilet for 10 minutes constantly pouring cat litter in when you could have just dumped it into your trash can to begin with. In other words, don’t rely just on flushing your cat litter when disposing, even if the product is advertised as being flushable. This is especially true for non-clumping litters where you are expected to dump out the entire box at once. So are you interested in giving a flushable cat litter a try? We have listed a few of our favorite choices for flushable cat litters. Feel free to check out our more thorough reviews if you want to learn more about each. Find Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Non-Clumping Litter, 40 lb. Bag in the Cat Litter, Boxes & SuppliesLitter | Brand : Tidy Cats | Pet Type.Find Paws and Claws Non-Clumping Cat Litter, 25 ls. in the Cat Litter, Boxes & SuppliesLitter | Brand : Paws & Claws | Pet Type : Cat | Multi Ca.Find Paws & Claws Non-Clumping Cat Litter in the Cat Litter, Boxes & SuppliesLitter | Brand : Paws & Claws | Pet Type : Cat | Multi Cat : Yes |
Throughout this review, you may have seen us mentioning how a specific brand is “dust-free” or has “low dust”. Why this this important? Whenever you scoop cat litter, it produces a lot of dust. Non-clumping cat litter tends to produce much more dust than clumping cat litter.Though the details vary by specific brand, there are many reasons people prefer non-clumping litter.
Some people have an easier time cleaning non-clumping litter from the litter pan since it does not turn hard and sticky or form hard, stinky scent crystals like clumping litters do. Some find that there is less or no smell with certain non-clumping brands. People love brands of non-clumping litter that do not cause their cats to track dust all over the house.When choosing Non-clumping litter understand that it can be made out of materials such as pellets, clay, sand, corn or even newspaper. Many brands make both clumping and non-clumping varieties of cat litter and both can be found in pet stores. Some packages may not state directly if they contain clumping or non-clumping litter, but the description usually gives some indication of which kind it is.This is a listing of all Tidy Cats cat litters that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Tidy Cats cat litters with our internal ranking system. Tidy Cats is one of the if not the most recognized cat litter brand in the business and for good reason. They have an enormous list of product offerings. This includes various clumping and non-clumping products as well as usage of multiple litter materials including clays, crystals, recycled products, and beyond. They have also optimized many products to be most effective in multi-cat scenarios, cats with sensitive allergies, etc. In summary, there is likely a Tidy Cats product out there that aligns directly with what you and your cat need. Spend some time reading over our many reviews of Tidy Cats products and definitely consider giving some of them a try!Non-clumping brands of litter are best for humid areas where the moisture in the air can cause litter to clump up before cats even use it. Non-clumping brands do not stick to cat’s bottoms the way clumping varieties can. Wheat or corn based non-clumping litter is good for people and cats with allergies. Finally, some cats just tend to prefer non-clumping litter as a matter of personal preference.Phase 1: Pour one inch of Feline Pine Non-Clumping Litter into a clean litter box. Next, pour one to two inches of your old litter brand on top. Don't mix! Your cat will do this naturally as she uses her litter.