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This is a fantastic hub. I've been dealing with this issue for almost a year. My two adult male cats did it last summer, before I planned to move from my apartment. (Now I have to pay the debt for the carpet bill.) They're now doing it again, but not as much, since I've relocated the litter box and surrounded the carpet area with a carpet runner and doggie training pads and have stopped, even if I vacuumed the floor with baking soda, sprayed with Gone spray, and steam-cleaned it a few times . I believe they have an UTI. But do you have any ideas for affordable vet care?
No Stay! Furniture Spray for Cats. A special blend of natural herbs that most pets find displeasing and prefer to avoid.
Similarly, the upholstered corners of couches and chairs are a scratching magnet for cats, but you can make them less appealing by applying an herbal spray deterrent like that replaces the territorial “markers” left behind after scratching with an unpleasant scent and will discourage repeat scratching, . Double-side tape strips, such as , can also help. Cats’ paws are extremely sensitive to touch, making sticky surfaces exceptionally annoying, say the doctors. Both options are nearly invisible to the human eye or nose. No Stay! Furniture Spray For Cats | Medi-VetPet Organics No Stay! Furniture Spray For Cats 16oz | myAgwayNature's Miracle Just For Cats No Scratch Deterrent Spray - 8 oz.
Simply spray a bit wherever you want to keep the cats away. I only used it on the corners and arms of our sofa and the area behind Matt’s chair where Pearl has been frequenting. We’ve been using it for a week and it works great. They don’t seem bothered by it, they just avoid the areas where we sprayed it. They still jump up on our laps on the couch and are happy go lucky as usual…lots of purring and loving going on around here, and now mom is happy too! It’s all natural, so there is no worry about hurting your cats at all!So for most of you, neutering your cat will be the only action necessary to stop spraying. However, if your cat’s spraying does not stop after neutering, keep reading below.Spraying is usually done by territorial cats. Not because marked things are safer, but because the information gathered through spraying makes the territory safer. Photo by , CC BY-SA 2.0The next step to stop your cat’s spraying behavior is to make new associations for your cat about the previously marked spot. Why? Because in nature spraying is not done in certain locations or situations; for example, a cat would not spray where he sleeps or where he hunts. Can you use it in the household environment? Absolutely!But do you know where to clean? At least you think you do. A cat’s urine scent can last for as long as a few months. Yeah! That means you have to clean all the spots your cat has sprayed upon during this time. You either must possess a good memory or a . Black light is an ultraviolet light under which certain substances glow, including cat urine.What to do instead? Ignore your cat completely. Later on you will clean up the location as described above, but right now don’t pay attention. Don’t call your cat, don’t embarrass him or lecture, just keep doing whatever you’re doing and next time, try to get your cat’s attention BEFORE your cat sprays.