Ideal for homes with one or two cats.

ökocat Natural Dust Free non-clumping cat litter offers superior odor control ..
For years I've been quite satisfied with Tidy Cat Original non-clumping, up until last fall when it started to clump. Have you reformulated or did I get a bad batch? I still have no problems with odor, dust, manageable nearby tracking, or removing solid waste. But now the urine forms clumps the size of 1/3 cup. It's quite good exercise to break them up by turning the serrated scoop over and pushing it back and forth on top of each ball, then mixing it with the remaining litter. Once the resulting "non-clumps" dry, the litter lasts 2-3 weeks in the 2 boxes I keep for my one 12-year-old Tabby cat, who, as an indoors-outdoors cat, also uses the outdoors.
Signature Series™ All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter, USA-grown grasses, Yes, No, Yes, Low-tracking, 99%-dust-free litter
Smell the flowers, not the litter box, with this 100% natural, dust-free cat litter. We took the outstanding odor control and quick clumping, easy scooping cleanup of our Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, and added 100% all-natural scented lavender oil for a fresh floral fragrance. No synthetic chemicals or perfumes. The concentrated power of corn means it’s silica dust free, and proven flushable* for easy cleanup. Ideal for homes with two or more cats. No matter how many cats you have, this litter works hard to fight odors, litter trails, dust and weak clumpsPlus, it gives you maximum odor control while minimizing dust and trackingDust-Free Cat Litter, Lavender Cat Litter| World's Best Cat Litter
Hi, I normally hang out on the colorectal cancer board, but my cancer has spread to my lungs, so I wanted to share what I found out about cat litters, because I decided to find the best litter to avoid inhaling the dust that all the popular clay clumping litters can cause. I spent about 3 hours researching on the internet, reading all the reviews on a bunch of different litters.Small differences in cat litter can make a world ofdifference in your cat’s litter box usage. Clumping clay litters have, in myexperience, provided the right balance of owner-usability and cat-preference,but not all are created equal. Far too many litters have additives to helpcontrol odors, plus they create lots of dust and/or don’t clump well. Dr. Elseymakes the following claims, which is why I decided to give a try:10. Dust-free litter: Litter dust may be a major factor is triggering feline asthma. For those cats suffering from this, it is essential that this be minimized. Every time they stir up the litter, some of that dust can reach their lungs. Unfortunately, a completely dust-free litter does not exist but some come very close. Nature's Miracle litter appears to be the best litter on the market. In my experience, it has the lowest levels of dust for commercial cat litters. When you dump a fresh bag in the box, it is nice not to have that huge cloud of dust that takes 15 minutes to settle down. Made from ground corn cobs, it also does an outstanding job of masking odor and clumps very nicely. Other good choices are Arm & Hammer Naturals, Blue Buffalo, World's Best Cat Litter, Tidy Cat Pure Nature and Swheat Scoops. A major environmental downside to traditional clumping litters is the use of clay, in particular sodium bentonite, which is predominantly collected by strip-mining, which degrades land and waterways.Do you always have a pounding headache due to cats’ ammonia? Have you been looking for a cat litter that will put off that entire odor? Tidy Cats Cat Litter is what you need. Unlike other litters, this one features a triple odor protection to minimize all the smell of urine, feces, and ammonia. This litter also promotes quick clumping. The clumps are hard, so they do not break later. Tidy Cats cat litter is also 99.6% dust free and reduces tracking. It also has an inbuilt handle to make carrying easyEver heard of a flushable kitty litter? This one comes as a surprise. It’s just amazing. Also known as Corn cat litter, it comes with a natural smell of corn that’ll make your cat love it the more. The natural smell will also put off any odor so your guests won’t have to upturn their noses. Again, Corn Cat Litter is not dusty and clumps better than other litters. The poop does not stick on the cat’s paw so you won’t get it in your house. The best thing about it is that it is flushable. You just have to scoop and flush.This cat litter has been topping most lists of the best litters for some time now. It uses whole-kernel corn to clump cat poop hard and to absorb the urine. Again, World’s Best Cat Litter comes with gentle, natural fragrance from wood fibers to eliminate the ammonia odor. The litter is also easy to scoop and to clean. It is flushable and septic safe, so you won’t have to carry loads of cats’ poop down the stairs now and then. World’s Best Cat Litter is also dust free and ensures no tracking.