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Hey! so i have a problem.. i have a Siamese cat, who is going on 7. This is not a new issues its been going on for about a year or 2 now. When i lived in texas it wasn't a huge dead bc i had a washer and dryer and i was on my own so there was no one else to irritate but me. but now that i have had to move back in with my parents its a different story. SO here's the problem. My cat is peeing on my bed .. its not every day or every other day its like when he feels like it. so i scrub with vinagar change the sheets and matress cover and wash them with vinager also.. HE KEEPS doing it! its maddening.. his box is cleaned regualarly throughout the day whereas i have a Litter Geni..i only have a small room and the only reason i was allowed to keep them was if the liter box was in my room.. ok nbd since its always clean. i do have 2 cats.. my eldest the one with the problem has no problem with the other cat the play love lick sleep together.. and its just my mom step dad and me in the house.. he is fixed so its not a spraying he doesn't do it anywhere else but MY BED! nothing else has changed in his life except for the living situation which hes lived with other people before in texas.. i had roommates before. i am so upset by this because i don't want my parents saying well you have to get rid of him.. it breaks my heart to even think about that being done.. hes been with me through thick and thin, and i know hes just a cat but hes like my kid.. IF you have any ideas PLEASE help me!! i don't have the money to get to a vet so that's not an option.. i havnt been able to find any work for the past 2 and half years.. *that's driving me nuts too* ANY IDEAS will be used!!
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Almost all unaltered male cats will begin to spray when they reach adulthood. It's not their fault. This is inherent in their biology and they are only doing what cats have been doing since the dawn of catdom. Males will spray, leaving a scented calling card, in case a female in heat comes into the area. It's like the cat version of setting up a dating profile! It doesn't matter there are no females in your home and may never be, a tom must live in hope! This is another one of those prevention is better situations. If you adopt a male cat that you do not intend to breed please have them neutered before they hit a year of age (and six months would be ever better!) Sometimes unaltered female cats will display this same behavior so make sure she's spayed as well. And if you find yourself with an old cat who was neutered too late you can still try to curb the behavior by washing down any marked areas really really really well. I mean clean it until there's practically a black hole left in it's spot. If the scent is no longer there they shouldn't have the need to remark it. If the scent is still there, even the tiniest bit, it won't matter if the cat is altered or intact, they likely will keep spraying on the spot. Keep in mind cats actually smell better than dogs do so the removal of carpet and the use of some pretty hefty cleaners is likely to be needed. In the meantime you may have luck spraying vinegar in the area. Most cats really don't like the smell of vinegar and may try to avoid the area. I realize vinegar in and of itself smells but this might not have to be a permanent thing. So go ahead and order today, and try out Cat Spraying No More™ for a full 60 days, on me...All cats -- male and female, fixed or not -- can spray; here's how to find the reason and end it.“How much will it cost me to get my hands on Cat Spraying No More™?”
If you have a cat who is constantly spraying inside of your home, you’ve probably had it about up to here with your house smelling like an old litter box. And if you’re trying to figure out why do cats spray, you already know exactly what I’m talking about.Spraying isn’t always noticed with your eyes – most of the time the spots are too small to even notice – unless it’s somewhere noticeable . But the problem lies within the smell. Cat urine is extremely potent, and after repeated sprayings can produce a distinctly unpleasant odor which will travel deep into your carpet, upholstery, or bedding. It can even penetrate hardwood floors.Simply put, spraying is when a cat leaves a small amount of its pee on a surface. More often than not, spraying is a behavioral problem, but it can occasionally result from medical issues like a urinary tract infection or blockage.Locating the stain can be the most difficult part of the whole process since most cat spraying spots are too tiny to see with the naked eye. If you can’t quite put your finger (or nose) on where the odor is coming from, try making the room dark and using a black light to find the offending spots