Oct 26, 2016 - There's really no such thing as non-allergenic cats

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Most cat allergies are a result of the Fel d 1 glycoprotein, which is present in cat saliva and skin excretions. So the runny eyes, watery noses, and scratchy throats endured by most allergy sufferers are virtually unavoidable if they are exposed to cats. Southern California-based company Allerca claims to have bred a hypoallergenic cat, which was engineered to have modified versions of the Fel d 1 glycoprotein. However, as The Scientist reports, “Allerca published that their pets are in fact hypoallergenic, and subsequent investigations conducted by The Scientist found several disappointed customers who were essentially told that they were too allergic to receive Allerca cats.” While not hypoallergenic, the Sphynx is recommended by some breeders as better for allergy sufferers, simply because they don’t deposit allergen-laden hair.
I'm not. I'm deathly allergic to cats, but live happilyalongside bunnies. ^_^
A protein (Fel D1) is the allergen in the cat's saliva is what causes problems for allergy sufferers. Once your cat licks her coat, the allergen-laden spit dries and becomes airborne, seeking a warm home in your nose and sinuses. Some produce less of this protein than others, making them hypoallergenic. Another company, Felix Pets, also claims to be developing a breed of hypoallergenic cat.If you suspect that you are allergic to cats, see an allergist for proper diagnosis and treatment.I heard that it's the cat's saliva that we're allergic to....don't know if that's true or not...
The sad news is that there is no cure for allergies in dogs and cats. There are, however, ways to decrease allergen exposure and to address allergy symptoms in pets. Food allergies are a sensitivity to components of some foods, often called a cutaneous adverse food reaction when the ingredient causes skin symptoms like itching or recurrent skin or ear infections. When a certain food is eaten that a pet is allergic to, the immune system is stimulated, and the intestinal tract and/or skin becomes inflamed. This inflammation sometimes leads to vomiting or diarrhea, sometimes the symptoms are shown in the skin with itching, ear infections, redness, and infections. There is no way to tell on physical exam if a pet has food allergies because the symptoms of food allergy often look the same as the symptoms of an environmental (pollen, dust, mold) allergy, and often look the same as many other diseases. Food allergies are not very common in dogs, less than 10% of patients with allergic symptoms in this part of the country. Cats have food allergies more commonly, perhaps 20%. It is possible to have a food allergy and an environmental allergy. I have only seen a couple patients in my career with a pure food allergy causing skin symptoms who had no component of environmental allergy. In my experience, almost all pets with a food allergy also have environmental allergies to pollens, dusts, dust mites, and molds.Yucca is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps the immune system function normally. It helps resolve symptoms without side effects common with steroids. Yucca should be given daily for allergies. , a concentrated liquid medication is a powerful product that is safe for cats and dogs with allergies. It can also be given in your pet's food or applied directly to areas of itching skin.My husband and two daughters are allergic to cats in the traditional sense – if we visit a friend that has cats inside the home, within a few minutes of the visit, their eyes begin to water and the sneezing begins. However, we have had our Sphynx cats for 6 years now and all are able to handle the cats with no issue. At one time we have had as many as 20 cats and kittens in the house! Friends have come to our home and have held our cats who have never been able to be near cats before. We have found this to be true time and time again. If you are allergic to cats but would like to meet our Sphynx to see if the breed is right for you, plan to stay for a few hours and really spend time with the cats.